March 2009

Twitter, Blizzards, and Baseball

First of all, thanks to everyone for your support from my post from yesterday. It was much appreciated to know that even though I’ve never met any of you, I have a nice support system here. Aww, baseball brings everyone together.

Whoo hoo!! Number thirty-five in the latest leader board! Thanks to all of you who read my blog and all of you who are actually out there in MLBlogs. And yay for baseball!! Having someone read your blog and comment on it is always a nice feeling. It’s like painting a room… well… not really. It’s like the end result of painting a room, how you feel accomplished and then people come in and look at how well you painted the room and are like, “wow, nice painting.” I guess…

I’ll be honest that I’m a little wired right now, I have like… 27 different things running through my head. I probably will forget about 25 of them when I’m trying to write this and tell you about all the things that are going through my head, but that’s okay. Who would even want to read a blog about the 27 different things going through my head? You all would think I’m even weirder than you already do.

So, I started to feel like I’m falling behind the times. I enjoy getting on and reading blogs, but I only have so much time in the day. Well, lately I’ve had lots of time because I’ve been sitting in Hospice with nothing better to do. Anyway, so I decided that in addition to Facebook, maybe I would join Twitter. A lot of you all have Twitter accounts and so I thought, this is a good idea toTwitter.giftry and catch up on my friend Julia or my comrades over at Red State Blue State or my pal Elizabeth.

So, I’m on Twitter and you have to type in your first and last name, ya know, no problem there, and then they ask for a username. Well, my first instinct is to give the same one that my URL for MLBlogs is. Deconstructingthoughts. Well, that’s kind of long and didn’t fit in the space, so I had to try and think of other ones. Here are some of the ones I tried that for possible obvious reasons weren’t available: Iliveforthis, twittermethis, twitterpated, emar, RoxRock, Rockies, I almost put Rockme, but then I thought of that commercial for the movie Hamlet II, and this is the only thing I took away from the commercials for that film, where some person yells “Rock me sexy, Jesus” and decided that that would not work either. So, I finally find one that no one else has, I cannot remember what it is right now, and create a Twitter account.

So, now I’m trying to search for friends on the Twitter thing, and they go and look in my address book in my gmail account and come up with two. Okay, so I have these two friends who I can follow… now how do I find Julia or Jeff and Allen or Elizabeth? Where is everyone?! I thought that I was pretty okay when it came to technology and websites and figuring out how to navigate my way through them, apparently Twitter is kind of an exception to this rule. So, rather than actually taking the time to figure it out, I just decide that I will figure it out later and delete my account.

Someday, look for me on Twitter, I’ll be there, today is just not that day.

So, if you read my blog yesterday, you would’ve known that I was stuck at Hospice thanks to a blizzard that decided to roll in and stomp all over everything. So, here are the pictures that I took today:

Blue sky after the blizzard.jpg
Day after the blizzard.jpg
after the blizzard.jpgWHAT IS THIS?! I’m from Colorado, I’ve lived here my whole life, really, I should know beter, but are you kidding me? The first picture shows that the roads are totally plowed, the second picture is my car at my mom’s house where the snow has pretty much melted off my car, and the third picture is the blue sky that we had today. Stupid weather patterns… if you can even call them patterns.

Well, besides knowing what kind of bag I have, now you know what kind of car I drive. It’s a good thing I don’t have a stalker. Plus, if I did have a stalker, they would know that I was creating a Twitter account and be like, “well, this person is doing all the work for me.”

So, after all the complaining that I did yesterday, you’d think I would have left Hospice, but no, I’m still here. Still waiting.

I think one of the bad things about being at Hospice, I might place it around the third of fourth not fun thing, is that I have no MLB Network. Oh, and another thing is that I keep getting shocked by everything. Must be my electrifying personality. Ha ha… oh… stupid joke…

Christian Colonel.jpgAnyway, congrats to Christian Colonel today! He plays for the Colorado Spring Sky Sox and was invited out to spring training. Odds are, he won’t make it onto the roster, but could be a good prospect. He hit a grand slam today! Yay!! Actually, the only reason I now of him is because I watched The Road to the Show the other day when I was staying with my grandma and he was on it talking about… well… the road to the show. I guess the title is pretty straight foward as to what it is I’m talking about. I think it’s always nice to see minor league players moving up to the majors and achieving their dream of making it in the big leagues. Perhaps we’ll hear from him later on this season.

Oh man, I just got the a really bad stomach ache sitting here. Oh well.

The Rockies season hasn’t even started and they already seem to be up against injuries. Although the Todd Father is back, Garrett Atkins and Brad Hawpe have earned a spot on the recovery list. Nothing bad, they’re still taking pitches and playing defense, but man, thinking of the injuries in the WBC and seeing some of my favorite players get injured makes me worried. I guess I’ll have to wait until the season starts to figure out what’s going on. Oh, my stomach ache ended. Weird.

I would also like to think that the Red Sox beat the Cardinals because I did not watch the game today. Of course, I don’t even know if it was on. Either way, sorry about the loss Jeff, I’m sure you’re used to it by now (oh burn! Just kidding… sort of… ). Any consolation, I’m used to losses as well.

Well, I suppose I should go back to bed and have the symphony of my grandma and mom’s cousin snoring to lull me to sleep. And if that doesn’t work, I can always watch Jeff Dunham and Peanut, because I love those guys.

Pleasant dreams, MLBlogs.   

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The Quest for an Opening Day Ticket

Bear with me, the story I’m about to tell you is long and slightly unfortunate. Actually, mostly ridiculous.

CR.jpgSince approximately September 28th, 2008, I have been saying to myself, “Opening day, you are MINE!!!” Maybe not that dramatic, but I have had every intention of being at the Opening Day game against the Phillies come April 10th. I had this not very strategic plan that I was going to graduate college, pick up a job, meet people so I could take advantage of their willingness to cover my shift on April 10th, and make it to opening day all without breaking a sweat.

Since September 28, 2008, I have learned the hard way that plans do not ever go my way. This plan was no exception.

Fast forward to the not so distant past of February 16th, the day that Rockies single game tickets went on sale. My first thought was “OPENING DAY!!! OPENING DAY!!! OPENING DAY!!!” That’s when reality set in and punched me right in my face saying, “Emily… um… you don’t have any money.” Oh crap!!! Reality is right!! I have no money. So, then I had to really buckle down and start applying for jobs. 

The next series of events were my own fault for being so stupid. I had been applying for jobs and thought that I finally had a winner. On February 20th, I went in for an interview at TGIFriday’s and the manager really liked me. Not only that, but he was wearing a Rockies band, like the LiveStrong ones. My thought was, “oh this one is in the bag!” I started talking with this manager about baseball and how the Rockies were my absolute favorite team, talking about predictions and injuries, all the good stuff. I guess he and his wife had gone to one of the World Series games in 2007, he joked that they were still paying it off (he probably wasn’t actually joking, but… ya know). He told me that he was interested in me doing a second interview with another manager and said that he would give me a call with that information. It was also at this time, two days later, a good friend named Don told me he had an extra opening day ticket and asked if I would be interested. I was so ready to write him back and be like, “Don, I owe you my life, thank you so much.” I began typing that into the e-mail and thought “wait… what if you get this job?”

It became a very real possibility that I may be employed by the time opening day rolls around. My first interview was February 20th, I hypothesized that my second interview wouldn’t be until about a week later, February 27th. A second interview is usually a good sign, so the way I saw it was that if by some miracle I was employed there, I wouldn’t start until a week after February 27th which would be the beginning of March. From there, how bad would it look if I either A. requested time off, or B. got someone to cover my shift. A month into employment I would have to prove that I was more dedicated to the job than I was to baseball (yeah right, like that could ever happen). So, I wrote Don back telling him that I would have to consider it. The fact is, if I had gotten the job, I couldn’t just flake out on one of my blogging heroes, so, I hoped that I’d hear back for a second interview sooner rather than later.

Well, a week turned into a week and a half, I called and left messages, none of which were returned by the guy who interviewed me. Finally, I decided screw it, I’m going to opening day.
However, fate had decided otherwise, and Don no longer possessed the ticket.

I thought, “I’ll survive. I’ll find another way in.” I still had no money… I should say that I stillSeason Ticket.jpg have no money, but well, ya know. So, I continued my search for a job deciding what I want to do to get a ticket for opening day. Not only what I want to do, but who I want to go with. If Don doesn’t have the ticket any more and Tom is off traveling the world, I was left to myself. The next task became finding someone to go with me. I had to wait for my friend to request the day off (since she is actually in the work force) and make sure it was approved.

Okay, now I have someone to go to the game with, I still have no money, but I’ll find a ticket!

All right, more fast forwarding to March 13th. My friend told me that for her birthday and St. Patty’s day, she and a bunch of friends were taking this cabin trip and she wanted me to come. So, i dropped my car off at my friend’s house in Fort Collins and we met up with my friend and went up to this cabin. Let me interject and tell you that it was the biggest red neck weekend ever. The cabin didn’t have running water, I rode ATVs, I shot guns at cans, and started drinking before noon. As a whole, it was a good time. So, here I come back down to Fort Collins after having this fun weekend away. I get to my car, and what is this that I see?!

Parking_citation.jpgI have a parking ticket! I have a parking ticket because I have expired plates. I don’t actually have expired plates, but I’m living with my dad who lives on the 11th floor of this building, and I never just go down to my car with a screw driver to take the license plate cover off. So, I’ve been carrying around my registration and my stickers with me. That way, if a cop pulls me over, I could say, see, my car really is current. But, that was not the case here, I was just given a ticket. So, I did what any good citizen would do and threw it in my bag and forgot about it. So, off I went searching for a job again and yet again, it was unsuccessful.

At one point, I had thought I caught a break. King Soopers sells Rockies tickets for ten bucks, but… not opening day tickets. So, still on my quest, I just make the decision that I am going to pay whatever I have to for an opening day ticket. So, now fast forward to March 24th. I’m digging through my awesome Red Sox bag, that is not a jersey, looking for something when I discover… THE PARKING CITATION!!! I was supposed to pay it no later than eight days after I got it. Well, I was over the eight days and it was past business hours. So, I called in on the 25th and said that I would pay it by phone, the fee was heavily increased and I was like, okay, I’ll just pay it with my non existent money and get it over with.

The girl on the phone was very nice and told me that if I could prove that my registration was current, I could get the ticket price cut in half. Well, $25 is much better than $50, so, I asked her how I could do that. She said that I could come in and show them my registration, fax it to them, or e-mail it to them. I told her that I didn’t live in Fort Collins and she said just send her an e-mail with it and with my name and phone number and then she’d call me and I would pay and that would be that. Okay, that would work fine, I was going to go to Lafayette and while I was there, I would just get it scanned in and e-mail it to the girl… I think her name was Lauren.

So, I jump in my car to visit my sick grandmother in Lafayette (I know, typical type of excuse, a sick grandmother, but I swear it’s true). I get to my mom’s house and she tells me that my grandma is in Hospice until she can get her pain under control and then she can go home. So, we head over to
Hospice and my grandma is not well at all. In fact, the CNAs in the beginning of the night are certain that she will not make it through the night.

Let me interject again and say that after taking a course in death and dying, I’m pretty okay with talking about death and even cracking a few jokes, ya know, lighten the tension. So, I hope that nothing I say offends you about dying… or people who are dead. Okay, so with that preface…

So, the CNAs are saying my grandma is probably not going to make it through the night, so my mom and I end up staying with her. It’s a good thing I brought my computer up with me. Did you notice yesterday that I wrote my blog at 4:10 in the morning? Yeah, that was me still awake. Sometime around 2 in the morning, other nurses came in and said that my grandma was probably not going to go that night, but would probably within the next few days. I guess my grandma is some kind of fighter because I’m still here at Hospice.

However, even if my grandma had moved on, I would still be at Hospice, here is why:

AHH SNOW STORM.jpgI am now snowed into Hospice thanks to a freaking huge blizzard. Are you kidding me? To be honest, those pictures don’t do a whole lot of justice. Being the genius asian that I am, I often just wear flip flops everywhere, my trip to my mom’s was no exception. So, I couldn’t go outside and get more pictures, but for a phone, those are pretty decent.

So, here I am, trapped in Hospice, so even if my grandma did pass away, I would still be stuck in a building with people around me who will probably be dying. Not only that, but I can’t even pay my parking citation because I have no way of getting to a scanner to scan my current registration. I can’t get to a King Soopers to buy Rockiets tickets, and I can’t go anywhere because I’m here with my mom whose car is stuck in two feet of snow.

Are you kidding me?! I am not even making this stuff up.

So there it is, everything you need to know about my quest for an opening day ticket. And if you take any lesson from this post, it is this: Don’t go to Vegas with me.

Last thing I want to ask is this: have you ever been looking for a picture through google, like maybe something for your team and as you’re scanning the long list of pictures, you see the websites at the bottom and lots of them look something like: … That happens to me a lot.  

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Breaking up is the hardest thing to do

First, let me say that I was happy about the response I got by calling you all my friends. I still can’t get over the hilarity that would ensue if we did all just kind of stand around together. Oh man, I’m cracking up about it right now. I guess it’s not that funny. I find a lot of things funny that really aren’t, I’d like to think that I’m one of those uplifting people that makes you think you’re funny because they laugh at everything you say. Like when myOmarEppsMikeTomlin.jpg friend was talking about how Mike Tomlin kind of looks like Dr. Foreman from House. Anyway, during the Superbowl, it wasn’t looking too good for the Steelers and then my friend was like, “maybe you need to get Dr. House to diagnose what’s wrong with your defense.” That was something that I laughed about for days. I mean it’s not really something that is that hilarious, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Like I said before, the inner workings of my brain are an enigma. It’s best if you don’t ask.

Anyway, so, there I was surfing the internet for possible job prospects and getting distracted by the Colorado Rockies webpage. It’s like it calls to me when I’m trying to do other things, but I like to come back and check the scores of spring training games because they’re not often shown on television. So, while watching spring training games, I think a few things have yet to sink in with me. One of those things is that the numbers of some of the players have changed. For example, Ian Stewart used to be # 24, he is now #9; Seth Smith was #25, and now belongs with #7; and #23 stood for Ryan Speier who now wears #37. These changes have sometimes been difficult to adjust to because I’ll be watching a game and be like, “who… what… is number seven? Do we have a number seven? Obviously we do, he’s right there playing left field.”

So, here I am surfing around on the Colorado Rockies webpage and scroll down to the bottom where they show the three players with the best BA, RBIs, HR, whatever. And what is this picture that I see?

ph_407812.jpgIt is Matt Holliday… in an A’s uniform… and he is SMILING. He’s smiling. And I think it’s just my warped interpretation, but it’s like he’s saying, “Hey Emily, that’s right, I’m with the A’s now, and check me out… I look damn good in green.” I kind of wanted to yell something back at him like, “That’s a lie! You looked better in black and purple” but then I remembered that it was just a picture. 

So, my soul is crushed just looking at him there in an Oakland A’s uniform. I decide to pay a visit to that Oakland A’s site (yes, it was a genius idea) and there is more…

Holliday A's.jpg
Holliday A's 2.jpgTicket sales and spring training games.

More crushing blows. Why don’t you just punch me in the face right now, Matt Holliday? 

Approximately 95% of girls who know of Matt Holliday obsess over his backside… speaking of backside… how do you spell the word toosh? Is that it? Did I spell it right? Is there a “u” in it? Anyway, so, Matt Holliday has now turned his backside to the Rockies and me (his whole backside, not just his toosh… or… toush) and said, “I’ll see you June 26th.”

I know I was part of a support group about traded players, but, right now, it sure isn’t helping a lot.

Anyway, so, I’ve now realized what I have to do. Matt Holliday has clearly broken up with me, so now it’s time for me to accept it and say goodbye. I’ll be honest right now when I say that the only song that comes to mind at this very moment when trying to say goodbye is that song by Elton John that he sang for Princess Diana. I mean, in no way would I compare Princess Diana to Matt Holliday, plus he’s not England’s rose… and probably isn’t well represented by a song by Elton John, but that was the first song that came to mind probably because the word “goodbye” is like… the first word of the song.

So… I guess I actually need to think of a good break up song for this moment, but that Elton John song is so stuck in my head that I can’t think of how any other song goes.

One thing is for sure, it’s time to get over Matt Holliday, because it’s pretty apparent that he’s gotten over me… and by me I should actually mean the Rockies. Oh Matty, I guess we’ll always have that scar to remember our special bond in 2007.

UPDATE: I thought maybe Michael Bolton’s “How am I Supposed to Live Without You?” lyrics would maybe be fitting.

Or maybe Phil Collins “Against All Odds.” I mean, who doesn’t like Phil Collins? He’s a classic.  




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Magical Thinking and other things

Have you ever heard of this idea of magical thinking?

It’s basically this notion of believing you have more control over certain events than you actually do. Perhaps control isn’t the right word, but you influence certain events that are more random chance than anything.

A prime example of this is me, today, watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees game.

It started out as an ordinary day, me going out and yearning after that ever elusive job. After an unsuccessful day (would you expect anything else?) I came home and thought, “man, I could really use some baseball right about now…”

So, I turned to my friend television and said, “MLB Network here I come.” Yes, I talk to inanimate objects as well as myself. I really could’ve used a Rockies game, but instead, and just as gratifying, what was on?! The Red Sox and Yankees game! I had completely forgotten that it was going to be on today! Hurray!! Oh, but what was this? Another show that I really adored was on. I have a very serious older man crush on Mark Harmon, yes, Mark Harmon, so I enjoy watching a show that he is on. So when a commercial during the baseball game was on, I would turn it back to NCIS. At times, NCIS would distract me and then I remembered that I was in the middle of an important game.

Anyway, here’s what happened: the game was good, TIm Wakefield and A.J. Burnett looked great throughout the game. I came back sometime during the 6th inning to see that the Red Sox had scored. Then IT happened, Jacoby Ellsbury let a ball go and the Yankees were on the board.

“OH GOD! IT’S ALL MY FAULT!” Yes, it was my fault, I hadn’t been watching when the Red Sox scored, which was what allowed them to score. Now that I was watching the game, the  Yankees had scored, and I had been the one who was watching the game at that time.

I quickly changed the channel hoping that the Red Sox would do something while I was gone. I couldn’t stay away though. I had to keep checking to see if the Red Sox had done something while I was gone. So, I came back, we were into the 8th inning. I watched as pitcher’s tripped over first basemen, grand slams for the opposing teams were hit, and thought, “Emily, you are ruining this game for the Red Sox!!”

So, that was it. I couldn’t finish watching the game because I was causing the Red Sox to lose. I know, I know, it’s that whole idea of magical thinking that you actually have influence on the outcome, but I’m not even kidding that every time I turned back to the TV, the Red Sox were making an error or the Yankees were scoring.

So, that’s my story about magical thinking.

Onto another topic, being from Colorado, specifically Boulder, I was one of the first to own a pair of Crocs. Have you ever seen Crocs? They’re the ugliest shoe ever invented… that is… next to the Ugg boot. So they’re the second ugliest shoe ever invented, but they’re also one of the most comfortable shoes ever.

Well, their stock is plummeting and forcing Crocs to go out of business, so they were having some sweet deals on shoes that were normally $25-30. Yes, $25-30 for an ugly shoe, it’s worse for the uglier Ugg shoe, but I don’t ever wear those so it’s not a problem. So, what did I manage to snag?

Photo 2.jpg

That’s right, a Boston Red Sox Croc. I would’ve grabbed a Rockies one, but they did not have one. They had the Astros, the Yankees, the Cardinals, the Mets, and the A’s, but no Rockies. Curse them. Anyway, guess how much it was? It was five bucks. Guess the economy is helping me a little.

Moving on. I have a mildly spasmodic brain right now. I often talk to my friends about this wonderful blogging world I’m in. I don’t know if it works like that on other blogging sites, like if people get a lot of other comments from people they don’t know. So, when I describe my blogging world to my friends, I don’t know how to refer to people who comment on my blog other than… my friends. Because “blogging friends” sounds nerdy and “acquaintances” doesn’t really fit either. So, here’s how my brain works. I started having this idea of how people who frequently commented on my blog would look just hanging out together… like… even just standing in a line, all of us just standing around representing our different baseball teams with a hint of who we are. I mean, I don’t have like… the 30 some people that some of you bloggers get, but I just thought about how we would all look standing together… and it’s totally hilarious. I just thought I would share that with you. Have you ever imagined what it would look like if we all just got together? I don’t know, that’s my brain for you. It’s a weird place to be in… maybe now you know why I’m so weird.  

Love and Loathing in Colorado

Man, trying to get back into blogging has been extremely difficult! Lots of things have come up that have prevented me from doing this thing that I love. So, hopefully I can be back… for real and get back on that top 50 list that I’m now lusting after… Anyway, here we go.

In this world, there will always be winners…usrelaycelebrate.jpg… and there will always be losers.

In any competition, there will always be one man, one team, one triumph, one moment of complete victory and domination over the formidable enemy.

As children, we were taught that good will always vanquish evil. For me, Disney movies taughtLand Before Time Platvoet met moeder.JPGme that. Ariel beats Ursula (Prince Eric if you want to get technical), Simba beats Scar, and Little Foot will always prevail over Sharp Tooth. Okay, so that last one wasn’t Disney but I can’t resist that little dinosaur (little known fact: I cried in that movie). Too bad they soiled the name of Little Foot by making like… 18 follow-up movies that were all terrible. That’s not actually what I want to talk about though.

We all like to taste supremacy no matter what the situation. Winning is the sweetest taste we can have. The release of endorphins that surge through your brain telling you that you are, in fact, the better person. You didn’t just decide that you were better, you proved it to everyone by beating that person or that team. However, the taste of defeat gives you the displeasure of festering in the vile, sickening, and horrible feeling that you were beaten. That you are the lesser and you are leaving the battle with nothing. It’s a feeling you never get over, you may move past it, but you’ll never get over it.

As fans, we also relish in the victories and suffer through the defeats of our favorite teams. If you’re a Broncos fan, you love to see them pulverize the Raiders. An Avalanche fan lives to see the destruction of the Red Wings. And a Red Sox fan basks in any victory over the Yankees. You can’t be a Rockies fan and say Eric Byrnes is your favorite player. If you’re a Red Sox fan, you can no longer proclaim your love for Johnny Damon. See, there are these certain unspoken rules that say if you like x, you can’t also like y. As a fan, I love rivalries. The anger and the passion that goes into the game makes it that much better, that much more intense.

With that premise, let me tell you that I am not ashamed of the teams that I love. I will wear them proudly. There’s a 99.5% chance that I am the only person in Colorado with a bag like this:

Photo 7.jpg

No, it’s not a jersey, it’s a bag. An amazingly awesome bag. Everyone always thinks that I made it. Yeah right. 1. I’m the second least domesticated person I know, and 2. Like I could bring myself to destroy a Josh Beckett jersey.

Photo 8.jpgSo, if you ever see someone walking around with that bag, there is a 99.5% chance that it’s me. 

Anyway, here’s the deal. I was sitting in Starbucks with my Red Sox jersey bag slung over my chair and I’m sporting a Ryan Spilborghs t-shirt. As I’m getting ready to leave, this elderly woman asks me if I made my bag. I tell her no, I could never bring myself to destroy a Josh Beckett jersey. She said something along the lines that she absolutely loved it, but would love if more if it were another team. If I recall correctly, and I would like to think that I am, she said something about really not liking the Red Sox. Half way out the door, I turned around and explained to her that I absolutely bleed purple and black and love the Rockies.

Interjection: I am a Rockies fan, the Red Sox are not my #2 team, they’re my other favorite team; however, if it came down to it, I would cheer for the Rockies in the World Series.

Anyway, there was a slight element of surprise on her face, and then she spoke these words:

“You can’t be a Rockies fan AND a Red Sox fan.”

Oh god… here we go. Any time anyone says that to me, there needs to be this long explanation of why you CAN be both a Rockies fan and a Red Sox fan. Often times, I find myself confusing passion with anger… meaning that in a heated debate, I may sometimes yell. This had to be restrained because I was talking to an elderly woman, and let me tell you, it was not easy.

“See, there’s this idea that a rivalry actually exists between the Rockies and the Red Sox, which there is none. Before this World Series, there wasn’t anything. The Rockies swept the Diamondbacks in the NLCS, so does that mean…”

No, she would hear none of it. Not rudely, but in that “I’m cute because I’m an old lady so I can say things to you that you can’t argue” way she said,

“you can argue all you want, but you won’t convince me.”

Well, that was it, I wasn’t going to convince her. So, I left the Starbucks feeling defeated. This got me thinking, am I wrong to live and breathe for both the Rockies and the Red Sox? Can you really NOT be a fan of both teams? Is my life a lie?!

Yes, when you’re younger you’re taught that good vanquishes evil, but in this case… there’s not really an evil one. I mean, in the eyes of some people, the Red Sox are the evil ones, and the heroes fell to them.

I can understand things like, you can’t be a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan. The rivalry between those two teams runs deep, it’s been there for decades, a century! Anytime I meet a Yankees fan, unless they convince me otherwise they’re put in that 80% of fake Yankees fans. Like I said, I proudly represent my teams, and I despise bandwagon fans. Anyway, whenever I meet someone who looks at my bag and says that they’re a Yankees fan, I always want to do the jerk thing and ask them about their favorite player, how many championships the Yankees have won. I mean, let’s face it, the Yankees are an easy team to like, they win… a lot. And everyone likes to win, so everyone is okay with proclaiming themselves as a Yankees fan. Anyway, that’s another tangent.

So… yeah, there’s a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees that has been there for quite some time… so… when did losing in the World Series constitute a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Rockies? I mean… what was supposed to happen? Were the Red Sox supposed to think, “oh hey, you haven’t won a World Series yet… why don’t we just throw this series and let you win.” No, that’s ridiculous.

Yeah, the Rockies were swept, beaten down very badly. But didn’t they do the same thing to the Diamondbacks? I mean, everyone knows that Eric Byrnes said, “I don’t think the Rockies outplayed us.” Yes Eric Byrnes, yes they did. And then the Red Sox outplayed the Rockies. Straight up, they were outplayed, it was obvious. It could’ve been the long break that the Rockies were on, it could’ve been that it was just the end of that miracle. Yeah, it would’ve made a great Cinderella story to see the Rockies win a World Series, but they didn’t.

nhl-commissionary_trophy.jpgSo now, I’m with the Rockies when I know that we’re still lusting after that World Series trophy. I’m with the Rockies knowing that we will never get over that sweep by the Red Sox. And I’m with the Rockies believing that we were straight up outplayed by the Red Sox. It was a hell of a run, and yes, it came to an end. But in no way, in my eyes, will that ever constitute a rivalry between the Rockies and the Red Sox. To me, people who believe that are ignorant of what actually happens in baseball and what sports are about. There will always be a winner and there will always be a loser, and it should be that motivation that makes us want it more.

I may be the only Rockies AND Red Sox fan in the state of Colorado… in the world, but I AM a fan of both teams, and I will wear BOTH proudly, always. Hate me if you want for the things that I love, I won’t hold it against you, because I don’t jump on and off the bandwagon.

Also, after reliving those 21 out of 22 games, I know that nobody deserved a World Series trophy like the Rockies did. I also know that it’s not osmething that happened. No matter what happened though, 50 years down the road, it will be something that is remembered. As nice as the Commissioner’s Trophy would have been, the Rockies WILL be remembered for their race to a championship. It’s like… they may not be champions, but they sure as hell played like champions.



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Some Random Thoughts

Wow, so it has been a really long time since I blogged. You would think that I got a job or something… well, you’d be wrong. I’m still jobless. I would like to tell you that I’ve been doing something really great and I’ve been busy running around being awesome, but that would be a lie. Do you ever look at the clock and realize it’s four in the afternoon and think, “what… what did I even do today?” Maybe that’s just me, but that is what happened this past week. I mean, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve blogged.

So first, oh man, did you watch the WBC game tonight? USA vs. Puerto Rico?!?! I almostDavid Wright.jpg peed my pants! That game was amazing!! Amidst the injuries, the US managed to pull of a win. An amazing one considering they were down until the bottom of the ninth. I’ll be honest, I thought that Puerto Rico was going to take it. I had read an article about the possibility of the USA having to forfeit because there have been an extreme amount of injuries, but wow, what a game. I guess that’s from my perspective. I mean, I always hate when they show the other team, ya know, the team that lost? Because their faces, you just empathize with them and are like… wow… that sucks. When I saw Kevin Youklis get walked I was like stoked and then when David Wright came out and hit that ball down the right field line. I think Kevin Youklis said it best when he said, “You’re celebrating a game. You’re celebrating a nation.” Anyway, that moment was just amazing, to see USA come back.

So… is the season here yet?

I’ve had a lot of random thoughts lately, that’s probably why this blog is titled random thoughts.

I don’t like that I haven’t been able to watch any of the Rockies spring training games. I mean, MLB Network doesn’t ever show them because, let’s be real here, not a lot of people want to watch the Rockies. I know it’s only spring training, but it’d be nice to see the team that I worship every once in a while. I have to rely on this application that I downloaded for my ipod to get scores, and that’s it. It’s disappointing that I don’t really get to know what’s going on.

So… I’ve realized that now that I’ve sat down and started writing, I’m like “uh… what did I even want to write about?”

I don’t think that anyone else will appreciate this discussion except my Broncos obsessed friend who reads my blog and maybe Don who I can only assume named his dog after John Elway.
jaycutler71.jpgLately there’s been a lot of drama between Jay Cutler, our QB and Josh McDaniels, our new head coach. If you don’t know, McDaniels was signed as the head coach of the Broncos this past season after Shanahan was fired. He came from the New England Patriots. So, lots of unnecessary drama has ensued between the two parties, in a nut shell, McDaniels wanted his golden boy Matt Cassel to come over and play for the Broncos, and Cutler had to find out the hard way that his job was in jeopardy. Now both sides don’t seem to be backing down which has caused Cutler to put in a request for a trade. 

To relate to baseball fans out there, this is kind of like the Manny Ramirez drama in the sense that it’s old. Both sides have a Manny Ramirez complex believing that they’re right.

A lot of people are down on Jay Cutler, a lot of Colorado fans. Everyone talks about him as being a cry baby, being a poor sport, and being a spoiled brat. Of course, I’d have to ask, what person isn’t? If you’re a fan of football, you know that the QB faces the most scrutiny of the team. When a team loses, the first person we blame is the quarterback. Cutler is NOT a bad quarterback, in fact, he’s quite good. I mean, c’mon, his third season playing he made it to the pro bowl.

Do you ever see something ridiculous and want to sit down both parties, hit them both on the back of the head and be like, “knock it off.” Like, if James Gordon would’ve just told Harvey Dent that they meant to save Rachel Dawes, then well… the movie wouldn’t have been as good. But ya know, you could’ve just told both sides to knock it off. That wasn’t really a good example…

Anyway, I think that I would be a good mediator between the two and would be able to approach the subject in a non violent manner.

Here’s what both sides need to be told:

jaycutler2.jpgMr. Cutler, I understand you’re upset, and I know that you have a right to be. The way that Coach McDaniels approached you about your job was completely inappropriate. But right now, you need to be there for your teammates and show them that you’re still the leader of this team. Many of these guys look up to you and the way that you’re acting right now doesn’t necessarily reflect a leadership role. You also need to understand where Coach McDaniels is coming from. I can’t speak for him, but as a young coach, I would imagine that being in a position of high authority and being so young, he needs to show that he is the person in charge. Perhaps he went about it the way that he felt was necessary, and it may not have been a way that you agreed with, but it was the way he chose to do it. I think right now is the opportune time to show McDaniels that he would’ve made a mistake if he traded you. Yes, he found a lot of success with Matt Cassel, so it’s no wonder he wanted to bring him over, but show him that he can be successful with you. Prove to McDaniels that he would’ve made a mistake by trading you, prove it to everyone who is doubting you as a leader right now. It’s important that you prove to your team that you’re still the leader that they believe in.
Coach McDaniels, you know that you’ll be under a lot of scrutiny as one of the youngest headcoaches in NFL history. Last season you found a lot of success with Matt Cassel, he could be considered your golden boy. It’s no wonder that you wanted to bring him over to the Broncos this coming season. You want to be viewed as successful, and right now there’s no reason you can’t be. I understand that as the coach, you needed to assert your authority over the team, however, I think we can both agree that perhaps it should’ve been in a different manner. Right now, you have to think about your options, who you would choose as a QB now that Cassel has gone to the Chiefs. Chris Simms only threw two passes last season, he’s not entirely a person you’d want to rely on. Right now Cutler is your best option, and you need to show him that despite everything that has ensued between you two, that you still support him. As a new head coach, it’s also important for you to find success. We can both come to the conclusion that people will have no problem bringing you down when your team is losing, and everyone is expecting a lot out of you right now. Know that your first season as head coach isn’t necessarily going to be the most successful one. Both you and the team have a lot of adjustments that you need to make in order to accommodate each other. I think that it’d prove to everyone what a great coach you were if you found success with Cutler as well. You want
to be seen as versatile when it comes to the team that you’re with, it’ll show other teams that you can find success with whatever quarterback you’re with. It will further your career in the long run, and prove to everyone who is doubting you that you can coach any team.

There, take that both sides.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Except that all these injuries need to stop. I think it’d be nice if you could hit something intangible like injuries and tell them to knock it off as well.

I guess that’s all. It doesn’t have much to do with baseball, but I’m very ready for the season to start and to actually see some of my teams games.

Oh, but in the spirit of randomness, I have two pictures that I’d like to share with you. I don’t know where I got them.
Surprise Attack.jpg 
And this one.

Ha ha. Hilarious.


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My first love

I think when it comes down to it, we all must confess that this off season has been rough. There’s been immense amounts of drama that has transpired from our favorite players being traded to the steroid saga… mostly the steroid saga. As fans, we do what we can to combat the tyranny of the man. Yet, due to the unsettling events that occurred this off season, I think there have been many people who have forgotten what baseball is about; not just what baseball is about but what it means to be a fan and what it means to love a game.

Recently I was involved in a conversation with someone who… well, I think, would have liked to believe that he knew something about baseball. We briefly touched on Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez and our conversation went something like this:

“There’s no way to keep Barry Bonds out of the Hall of Fame, one way or another, he’ll get in”Roids.jpg

Okay, yes, I agreed with that. “Yeah…”

“And it can’t be cheating if you don’t get caught. And even though Alex Rodriguez was caught, he’ll still probably make it into the Hall of Fame.”

“You’re right, A-Rod probably will make it into the Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t mean Bonds didn’t cheat.”

“Oh, come on. He wasn’t doing anything that every other guy in baseball wasn’t already doing.”

“… What? Are you (explicit) kidding me? Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, all those guys have chosen to give baseball a bad name. Sure, 104 guys tested positive, and sure, there may have been others out there, but their use of steroids doesn’t mean the entire major league or minor league was apart of something so atrocious as to be cheating the game that they’re supposed to live and love to play. The fact that you believe everyone was doing steroids is completely naive and just plain retarded of you.

 (It was a statement of passion and I know, I probably shouldn’t have called him retarded.)

“Saying that everyone else was doing it just proves that you’re falling into the (explicit) belief of ‘guilty by association.’ There are players out there like Hank Aaron and Albert Pujols who have worked hard to give baseball the name that it deserves and your imbecelic accusation gives a bad name to fans as well.”

I certainly didn’t mean to say all that, but it shut him up, and as far as I could tell, we were still on good terms, but needless to say, I was livid and completely seethed the whole way home. Okay, that story aside.

So yesterday at 3:00, 30 Clubs in 30 Days was on, and I mean, it’s true, that show has a way of being on all the time, but it was never the club that I wanted to see. So finally, the Rockies would be on, but, no, I couldn’t watch it, I had to go face rejection from places that I was trying to get a job. The next time it was going to be on was at 2 in the morning. Okay, I thought, I’ll stay up to watch the Rockies. So, 7:24 rolled around and I was exhausted and ready to go to bed. However, at 7:24, Netherland and Puerto Rico were on TV and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist the call of baseball, so I stayed awake and watched.

It was a good thing too because then at 8 o’clock, there was a classic Rockies game on FSN. It was their game from April 4, 2005, the season opener. 12 of the 25 on the roster were making their major league debut. Yes, it was back in the days when Todd Helton wasn’t Todd “my goatee is better than Youklis'” Helton and when Matt Holliday had hair.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, 2 o’clock rolled around and Canada and Italy were still playing in the World Baseball Classic so no, I still didn’t get to see my team on 30 Clubs in 30 Days and unless I want to wake up at 5 or 6, I won’t see it until… I think Saturday.

Anyway, back to baseball, what’s difficult is that I can tell you the things I saw, home runs, good pitching, good defense, but I can’t tell you how it felt.

The way it feels to be in love with a game, and for every moment to just… captivate you. I mean, I didn’t really care about the Netherlands/ Puerto Rico game, but it completely enthralled me.

Baseball is considered the greatest game ever played. It has history, players we’ll never forget, trades we’ll always be mad about. Each pitch creates a new opportunity, each hit that leaves you on the edge of your seat that it might get out of the park. Everything about the game is phenomenal. 

I’m on Facebook, and there are these stupid notes that go around that ask you questions about… things. They’re like those chain letters that people send around that get annoying. Anyway, I never fill them out, but as I’m reading them, I answer the questions they ask. One asks about your first love. The fact is… I never had a first love. I thought hockey but ultimately decided that was more of an infatuation than love. So I finally came to the conclusion that I do have a first love, and it’s baseball. I mean, I never dreamed of working with hockey, I never felt the way I do now about baseball. 

Baseball Heart.jpgFor me, baseball is the love of my life and will have ups and downs, and can break my heart, but it’ll be what I always come back to. The feeling that you get when your favorite player hits a home run, the disappointment when your team falls short, the anger of a bad call. Everything that encompasses the game is my life.

What does it mean to be a fan? To love a game? In the hard times and the good, it’s something that you’ll always love. It’ll be what you come back to time and time again, it’ll break your heart, it could bring you to tears, but you’ll always come back.

This off season, a lot of people forgot that, including the commissioner himself. It’s unfortunate that events have led people to believe that there’s no good in baseball. That everyone is juicing that everyone’s a cheater and a liar. It’s left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, everyone but those of us who know the truth. That baseball is still our American hero and for most of us, it’s still a love, maybe not a first love, maybe not the love of your life, but a love, and that’s what I believe baseball is about. 

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# 28 Dedication

WOW! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written an actual blog. Not only that, but I missed A TON! It doesn’t help when you run away for a week, and then when you’re getting ready to come back, you’re totally plastered with stuff to do! I missed EVERYTHING! Manny Ramirez re signing, baseball games, the World Baseball Classic, all the spring training news. Man, can’t get a break. And having to catch up after like… two weeks. Man, don’t even try it. I’d say it’s pretty much impossible.

So, let me tell you about life. If you read my last entry, you’ll know that I’ve been going to bartending school, and let me tell you, I am pretty freaking good at it. At this moment, probably one of the best in my class, and I don’t really know how that happened. I have no problem remember recipes, glasses, garnishes, those types of things. I find that odd because I’m not much of a drinker. In fact, I’m quite the light weight, or a better way to put it, a cheap date. It’s kind of just coming naturally. If I didn’t want to be a sports psychologist so bad, I would think I would have a future in bartending. However, sports psychology is my true calling, so, I have every intention of rocking that.

Anyway, so, Julia informed me that I made spot # 28 this past week! Whoo hoo!! I’m moving up!! I find that to be exciting so thanks to all who have been reading!! I’ve missed being here. I don’t really expect to make the list this week mostly because I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been blogging, therefore, no comments. So, I had intentions of dedicating a blog to Aaron Cook, a phenomenal Rockies pitcher. However, I recently stumbled upon an article that made me think I should dedicate my blog to someone else.

Like everything else, this has a back story. My dad bought me the book Beyond Belief. If youEm and Beyond Belief.jpghaven’t heard of it, it’s about Josh Hamilton, who currently plays for the Texas Rangers. It was one he just so happened to know that I’ve been dying for. My parents don’t know anything about sports, so I don’t really know where I got my love for it. So, there it is, Josh Hamilton’s book and I.

Hamilton is a phenomenal player. In the beginning he was the number one draft pick, destined for greatness. An unfortunate incident would make him fall into a world of drugs and alcohol. This book is about Hamilton finding the strength to come back to the greatest game on earth. It’s about Hamilton fighting off all the odds and everything that’s against you. Of course, I’m not too far into the book, but I know how it ends.

With that intro, you’d think I was dedicating my blog to Josh Hamilton, however, that is not the case. When you become an athlete, essentially, the franchise completely owns you through a contract. They have the power to deal you away for whatever they want. This leads me to my next point and who I am dedicating my blog to.

John Odom.jpg 

His name is John C. Odom. He never made it to the show, he stayed in the minors. You may know him best as the bat boy, that’s how he was commonly refered to. He played for three different teams, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the Augusta Greenjackets, and the Laredo Broncos.

Before going to the Laredo Broncos, Odom was on the Calgary Vipers.

John Odom3.jpg

Here’s why I’ve chosen to dedicate my blog to John Odom. In 2008, Odom was picked up by the Calgary Vipers, however, he was unable to cross over into Canada due to an assault charge when he was a minor. So, the Vipers were looking to get rid of him. They needed a deal for Odom, but no one was really willing to put up one.

John Odom2.jpgFinally, the Laredo Broncos offered the Vipers an
offer that… apparently they couldn’t pass up: Ten Prairie Sticks Maple Bats, double dipped black, 34 inch, C243 style.

After that, Odom always joked about it, about how great of a story it would’ve been if he had made it to the show.

Now, it’s true that the Vipers had made some ridiculous deals. They did try to acquire a pitcher for 1,500 blue seats…

Still, the dedication to Odom is not because he was traded for a bunch of bats, no, lest we forget, I did relate it to Josh Hamilton.

John C. Odom died November 5, 2008. Odom had struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past, and thoughts now are that this trade pushed him over the edge. November 5 he was found in a hospital without explanation overdosed on heroin, meth, BZP, and alcohol.

My thoughts came to Josh Hamiton after I read that. Odom may not have been the best, but he was still a player.

There’s certain things… they don’t necessarily mean a player’s worth. For example, it’s my opinion that Alex Rodriguez is over paid. However, like this season, Atkins thought he was worth some… 7 million or something. That’s what he believed he was worth. When you trade a player for ten bats, what does that tell you? You’re worth ten bats. Your entire career is worth ten baseball bats.

Many people would associate their career with their life. That’s what I would do if I had my dream job. My job would become my life and not because it had to, but because I was passionate about it. Imagine being passionate about something only to find out that nobody believes you’re worth it.

Odom was three years older than I am, he was 26.

My bartending teacher loves baseball. I’ve acquired a couple nick names in class, including “Baseball” and “Red Sox” because of my awesome Red Sox jersey bag (I know, both very original). No Rockies associations yet, but, my other favorite so, I’m okay with that. Anyway, my teacher and I have been talking about how much of a mental game baseball is and the mental challenges that it gives you are more than any other sport. The pressure to perform in 162 games can be overwhelming, and on top of that, knowing that you’re worth 10 maple bats is what ultimately drove Odom over the edge. I mean, that’s just my opinion.

When you think about the tragedies of baseball, you get more of an understanding. Donnie Moore, a reliever shot himself believing that he cost the Angels the American League Pennant.

Odom was constantly mocked for being traded for ten bats, people playing the Batman theme music, and if he did anything wrong, the scrutiny he faced was tremendous. After all, he was the guy traded for ten bats. On June 5 of 2008, you could practically see him falling apart at the mound as he was mocked for giving up eight runs in three innings. On June 10, he would say to his manager, Dan Shwam, “I’m going home. I just can’t take it. I’ve got some things to take care of. I’ve got to get my life straightened out.”

Those would be his last words to baseball.

He literally disappeared. No record of where he was living, how he got to the hospital, where he’s buried, and no police report. The bats that he was traded for have never been used.

I wanted to dedicate my blog to him, and… it may not have been written well, but I certainly don’t claim to be a writer. But I hope that it’s a good way to show respect to him, to admire him, and know that there’s no doubt in my mind that he was worth more than ten maple bats.


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It’s my home away from home

It’s like taking a deep and calming breath and knowing that you’re back where you belong and doing what you want. Finding yourself right back into the place where you used to be. It’s being home. Yes, MLBlogs, I have missed you so. Spring training’s been under way for quite some time, people have been blogging excessively about the things going on, and I swear, it’s impossible to catch up. You need to have quite the amount of extra time or you won’t have time to read everything. That’s a little bit where I am now. I’d like to read everything that’s been going on, but I feel like I have so many things to say and yet, I can’t think of something to talk about.

The first thing I’d like to say, is OH MY GOSH!!! DID YOU SEE MY LATEST COMMENT ON #47?!?! Joe Koshansky’s father in law commented on MY blog!!! If you happen upon this again, I thank you so much for stopping by. It means worlds to me, in all honesty. I would love to see you at a game some day and maybe… cough… an autograph… cough. Just kidding. Anyway, I saw someone commented on it and I was like, “who is this?” and then… I saw!!! Oh man, it was amazing.

Anyway, I have to make this a short entry. I’ve been running around crazy busy so I’ve had NO time to watch MLB Network. It’s been killer, but hopefully the ends justifies the means. I’ve been attending bartending school and, I’d like to say that I feel like a natural. I might not be, but I’m doing pretty well in it. I thought in these hard economic times, what place would be hiring but a bar? So, we’ll see how that works out. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I’m alive and that I’ve been missing MLBlogs dearly and I’ll be back soon!

Oh! And thank you all so much for making me #28!! Perhaps I’ll write an entry for Aaron Cook when I get a little more time!!!