January 2009

Pump up your game

I began writing my entry about… well, my blog, and how with my writing, more often than not it seems to be hit or miss. I don’t get MLB Network up in my room, so I was watching ESPN, and what was this that I heard? I had to drop everything and start writing something new:

ap_barry_bonds_070504_ms.jpgSurprise, surprise, Barry Bonds is in yet another report about steroids. Bonds’ former teammate, catcher Bobby Estalella is apparently going to provide some pretty hard evidence that Bonds was aware of his consumption of steroids. Allegedly, Estalella has some serious testimony about Bonds’ and was, himself, given some kind of enhancement by Bonds’ personal trainer, Greg Anderson. Anderson has also been subpoenaed, but his agent Mark Geragos says Anderson will not make an appearance in court, I mean, they even raided his mother in law’s house. Also, I mostly chose this picture because I think Bonds has this “whatchoo talkin ’bout” face, as if he didn’t know. Ha ha. Hilarious. Anyway, if you remember, back in 2003, Bonds testified that he didn’t know the “cream” and steroids.jpgthe “clear” were performance enhancers and the government would like to prove to the world that he lied under oath. Also, do you see that picture of that gross dog? It is gross, and I really just put it in there because look at the dog! What is wrong with it?!!?

So… how exactly can you prove that someone knowingly used steroids? I mean are you going to look at the side effects of tetrahydrogestrinone and say, “hmm… you’ve had one daughter since 1998, you must be infertile. Steroid use over here.” Or “I see that you have acne… you must be using steroids.” I am someone who does believe that Bonds had full knowledge of his steroid usage, but I don’t really see a way to prove that he knew he was doing it. Apparently varvel.jpgfederal prosecutors have urine samples that link Bonds to steroids, that still doesn’t prove that he knew he was doing it. It may prove that he took things other than the “clear” and the “cream,” but unless there was a big label on something like a pill that said “THIS IS A STEROID” then how would he know?

So in four years Bonds will be eligible for the Hall of Fame, should he be allowed in it? If Pete Rose can’t get in for betting, should Bonds be allowed in for steroid use? I mean,stuffvindicated412.jpgyou can’t really weigh the issues because they’re both bad, but if you had to choose which was worse, betting on baseball or using steroids, I would probably have to say that using steroids was worse. I mean Rose had said that steroids make a mockery of baseball, and they do. Both men have remarkable records, of course, what would Bonds’ record look like if he didn’t use steroids?

I think like many things in this world, we take a lot for granted, and I think that players take baseball for granted. They forget that they’re playing the greatest game on earth and that they’re respected and looked up to by millions of people. They have the best job in the world, they should love to go to work every day baseball-steroids.jpgand they should get to be the best out of talent and ambitions. I mean, that’s the way I would want to do it. It’s practically impossible to argue who the best player in baseball is, the debate usually includes the names Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds. There are factors in each player’s time period that would have an effect on stats and what not, but honestly, wouldn’t you want to be called the best because you knew that you were the best? Not because you took something that made you the best but because you got there on your own, you got there on hard work and dedication.

At some point, Clint Hurdle, the manager of the Rockies, banned porn from the locker room. There were some people who thought that this was crossing a boundary. However, I am with Hurdle, who in their regular job gets to just bring porn to work? I said regular job. Shouldn’t you respect what it is you’re playing for, what it is you’re fighting for? That you have a specific goal and distractions and things that could potentially set you back shouldn’t get in the way. It’s an honor and a privilege to be apart of the greatest game on Earth. On November 11, 2008, Tatum Bell was resigned to the Denver Broncos, his first stint in 2004 was with the Broncos, after which he played with the Detroit Lions. When he wasn’t re-signed, he went and sold cell phones at a kiosk in Denver. It shows you that one day you could be playing for a professional sports team and the next you could be selling phones. Playing a sport professionally is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can have. Why are people ruining it with crap like steroids and betting? 

We should all be so lucky to be apart of something so great as the greatest game on Earth.  

Cheering for the underdog

Tonight I watched the movie Hairspray with my dad. While it’s not a movie that I would go shouting off the mountain top I watched (I’m not really a musical person), I will confess that I enjoyed it. It was a fun movie, and c’mon, who doesn’t love Zack Effron? Actually, I couldn’t say that last part with a straight face, that kid really annoys me, don’t ask me why, I have no idea. It was a movie where the underdog prevailed and proved to the world that an individual could make a difference and start a revolution.
This coming Sunday is… SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! I don’t know about all of you, but I’m really excited. I’m cheering for the Cardinals, the underdog of the Superbowl. The team’s been to three different cities, has the third oldest quarterback in the NFL, and hasn’t had a championship in 61 years. Next longest dry spell goes out to all the Cubs fans. Anyway, we’ll see what the Cardinals can pull off.

When it comes to life, I think that we’re all in the underdog position, or at least live in a “grass is always greener on the other side” scenario. Stick with me, everything will tie together… hopefully. 

So, here’s the deal: I recently saw the movie Bull Durham. I’ve never watched it before, but my uncle told me that since I like baseball so much, it’s probably something I should see. And let me tell you, apparently, I stole all of my ideas from Susan Sarandon… sort of. When it comes to sports psychology, I want to be like Susan Sarandon, but without the whole sleeping with every player thing and Kevin Costner, but without the whole jerk attitude. Because really, who wouldn’t want to someday be apart of this:  

An exhilarating off season

72 days and counting. 72 days until April 10th, the Rockies home opener, and trust me, I have every intention of attending that game. However, until 72 days have come to pass, I must entertain myself with MLB Network, which should suffice; however, it is not really doing the job. Jeff pointed out Harold Reynolds’ over usage of the word “guy,” which seems to have spread faster than the black plague among the sports casters. Even when Reynolds isn’t on Hot Stove, and you still hear the ridiculous, platitudinous ‘g’ word. So yeah, Jeff’s game could still work.

MannyRamirez.jpgMaybe it’s because I never religiously followed the off season or had a network that allowedme to do so, but it seems like every time I watch Hot Stove, it’s practically a carbon copy of what was on the night before. Manny Ramirez still hasn’t found a team desperate for his attitude, Jason Varitek still hasn’t signed with the Red Sox, Adam Dunn is still a free agent, and the Yankees still have money to pick up players they want. Nothing really new and exciting is happening. There’s the occasional surprise, where something happens and it’s new and exciting to talk about, but for the most part, nothing.

A practically indistinguishable script of what was said the night before. Sure, there are other
good things on. On Martin Luther King day, they highlighted a series on
the Negro Leagues, which was cool, they did a special on Ground Zero,
and it’s always fun to watch them feature baseball greats. But really,
this has been a boring off season.

So, if I ran the Hot Stove, here’s what it’d be: Manny Ramirez hasn’t found a team yet becausejason-varitek-warming-up.jpghe’s a jerk, nobody wants him, and his agent is the spawn of Satan; Jason Varitek hasn’t signed with the Red Sox because his spawn of Satan agent is one and the same with Ramirez and is anti Red Sox, Adam Dunn hasn’t been picked up because everyone’s scared of commitment and with great power comes great… stikeouts. You thought I was going to say responsibility, nope. And the Yankees… just have money, it’s like, a never ending pot of gold for them. I could finish the Hot Stove report in like… five seconds.

As much as I love MLB Network, maybe this wasn’t a good off season to start it up.

I am excited that the Rockies have locked up Ubaldo Jimenez for another four years. Despite set backs last season, the guys is ridiculous good and will always be welcome by me on the team. Garrett Atkins is waiting until the arbitration meetings, surprise. If Atkins settles for the midpoint, the Rockies will increase their payroll from $68 million to $74 million.

Whatever, I’m just ready for 72 days to be over. By the way, my title was laced with sarcasm in case you didn’t get that. 

MLBlogs Anonymous

As I begin this blog, it is 1:30 in the morning, and I cannot fall asleep. I just bought new sheets fuzzy_0709.jpgat Target, on sale, and apparently, they are not helping in my sleeping. I thought about what there even is to do at 1:30 in the morning. The answer: nothing. Attempting to get plenty of sleep is evidently not in the cards for me tonight. So, here I am, blogging.

My freshmen year of college, due to the peer pressure of my friends, I reluctantly got on a website known as The Facebook. Probably most of you have heard of it, and it’s possible that most of you are on it. If you’re not, don’t give into the unruly temptation. Yes, disinclined, I joined that cult known as Facebook. In the beginning, it was kind of like, “whatever.” But, soon after, I started getting all these friend requests, and event requests, and people writing on my wall, and then, before I knew it, I was addicted. I would eagerly retreat to my dormitory after class, or as UNC would like to call them: residence halls, and hop on my computer to check what was new in the world of Facebook. I couldn’t stop. Five minutes into cracking open my text books and I would have to know what was going on with my friends. Most likely, nothing considering that five minutes before I cracked open my text book, I was on Facebook. Some how, I managed to break the habit of checking Facebook every ten seconds and get a social life that didn’t involve me and my computer. 

However, I have recently found a new addiction: MLBlogs. Yes, not one day will pass where I do not find myself on this site checking my blog for comments and looking to comment on others. I can find myself falling into the same pattern that happened with “the cult” (I’m referencing Facebook, in case some of you didn’t get that… I wasn’t actually ever in a cult). I can’t help myself. I’ll go on my computer to actually do something with significance and will, by habit, type in www.mlblogs.com. Then I’ll think, “… how did I get here?” They’re like black out moments where you have no idea how you got there, but you’re there.

charlie_and_the_chocolate_factory_06.jpgSo, this evening… or… I guess, this morning, when I was lying in bed still awake as the clock struck 1:30, my thoughts were this, “I can’t fall asleep… I should blog.” Now, by no means would I compare MLBlogs to Facebook; that’s like comparing a banana to a stop sign, there’s no comparison. Facebook must be some type of cult and MLBlogs is like my happy place. However, you can be addicted to good things too, like chocolate. Well… wait, strike that (ha ha… baseball… strike… joke… sort of… okay,
BRNK2101B.jpgno, it sucked). Chocolate is not a healthy addiction, but I think I’d rather be addicted to something like chocolate than to something like being stung by jellyfish. That wasn’t as random as it sounded, I watched something on the Discovery Channel about the irukandji jellyfish. By the way, that is Spongebob Squarepants, and he is not chasing irukandji jellyfish. Anyway, so in the spirit of starting a support group for players lost to us, perhaps it’s time to start up an MLBlogs anonymous group as well.

Of course, there is no doubt in my mind that when baseball season finally decides to arrive, I will be even more addicted than I am now. Oh man, am I in for it.

Ehem… My name is Emily, and I am an MLBlogaholic.

Well, maybe I can get to sleep now that I’ve got that off my chest. If I recall, the first step is admitting you have a problem. However, since my heart holds a place for my #2 baseball team, the Red Sox, I’ll leave you all with these comics… because I like comics.

I feel for you, Red Sox fans. I really do.

#21 on MLBlogs

There are certain things in this world that I would like to believe I’m good at: sleeping, complaining, Mario Kart Wii, making asian jokes, ya know, general types of things. Since moving down to Denver, I’ve been doing lots of complaining, lots of sleeping, lots of video games, and well… not so many asian jokes because I don’t have anyone to make them with. I live in a world where I have no confidence, where I question everything I do. If you ever say anything to me with enough confidence in your voice, I will take it as fact, that’s how unconfident I am in my abilities. I’ll never forget, this one time, my roommate asked me a question and I was like, “is the pope catholic?” And she was like, “no, he’s not Emily,” and I was like, “yes, he is Chang,” and she was like, “no he’s not,” and I was like, “dude, shut up, yes he is,” and she was like, “Emily, he is NOT catholic” and I was like, “… he’s… not….?” Anyway, oh my gosh, yes, say anything to me with enough confidence and I will believe it.

I am, by in large, the most gullible, clumsy, trips up the stairs, person I know.

But lately, life has started to change. Although I still sleep, complain, rock the video game world, and trip up the stairs, my life, my confidence has been changed by a movement. It’s slow, a slow process, one that has only begun to develop, but a process, none the less. Something that is progressing.

It started with guitar lessons. In the three years I’ve been playing, I had a total of three19774_th.jpg lessons, and those didn’t come until this past December, 2008. My teacher told me that he believed that you should always sing with your guitar, regardless of whether you could actually sing. On my second lesson, I went in, and played Superman by Five for Fighting for him, and yeah, with my awful voice, I sang for him. While I played, I couldn’t look at him, or I probably would have stopped singing because I would have been too embarassed. What happened next? Oh my god, he liked it. He thought I had a great voice, and he thought with a little perfection, I should go do an open mic.

             This is the exact model of my guitar, I love him.  ——–>

Let’s get one thing straight, I will never do an open mic. I am far too much of a pansy to even consider doing something like that. However, the fact that the option was posed to me, and that I had the capabilities to do it was exciting. It was a confidence booster, it was something that made me extremely excited and would ultimately boost my confidence.

The next part of my movement came from our very own MLBlogs. It came in the form of an e-mail from some fellow blogger named Tom. He asked if I would be interested in being apart of his series TImeout at the Plate. Ooh, I was honored, and eagerly answered his questions. From that, I received a comment from Jane, who suggested I expand my horizons I begin commenting on others blogs if I want to get mine out there.


So, I did. I started commenting on blogs that I actually read, and what came of it? On January 20th, I logged on to mlblogs.com, as usual. Normal day. The most amazing thing happened. I was right there on the same page as our President. Neat!!! Today, January 22nd, I logged on and read about the support group Tom had started, and noticed that Julia had made a comment that he was #17 in the top blogs. My thought was, “who in the mlblogging community is beating Tom?” So, I logged onto the infamous guru that is MLBlogosphere and looked at the top fifty. And what was there?! I was # 21. I was floored.

You wouldn’t think that something like blogging would be a confidence booster in any way, but somehow it is. It feels good to know that I’m in the top fifty, that what I’m writing is actually being not only read, but commented on by someone. When you think about it, it is kind of stupid. I mean, who would think that blogging could have such a profounding effect on someone’s life?

I did write a thank you to the people who inspired me, but I would also like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by and read what I had to say. It means a lot. Maybe I should celebrate with a drink.
beer addicted funny picture deep thoughts stick figure.jpg

Arbitration for Atkins

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time would know that I am Garrett Atkins21.jpgabsolutely, hands down in love with this man.
Garrett Atkins is, without a doubt, my favorite baseball player. I think he puts up good numbers for the team, is one of the veterans, and has seemed to be an all around good guy. Between the team’s top players, he has the most at bats, is second in OBP, and third in slugging. Yes, he is absolutely my favorite player.

Recently, six Rockies players filed for arbitration: Clint Barmes, Jorge De La Rosa, Jason Grilli, Huston Street, Taylor Buchholz, and Atkins. All have reached a one year settlement with the Rockies, except for Garrett Atkins. First, I understand the need for pitching talent, however, Huston Street has never actually played with the team so it’s questionable about how he’ll mesh with the rest of them. Now, I’m all for signing a different closer because most people also know that I don’t much care for Manny Corpas. With De La Rosa, from the first pitch, you know exactly what kind of game it’s going to be. When the guy is on, he’s on, but when he’s off, he’s way off. I’m all for the settlement’s reached between Clint Barmes, Jason Grilli, and Taylor Buchholz; I really like those three. We’ll see how De La Rosa and Street end up performing, I mean, in my opinion Buchholz could even take on the role of closer, but ya know, whatever. Anyway, Atkins is asking for $7.95 million and the club countered with $6.3 million.

I wrote a blog titled A Luxury, and on it, I received a comment from Ryan over at Prose and Ivy who talked about salary caps and baseball players, like the rest of us, having the right to make as much as they can out of what they do. I couldn’t agree more with that. Like the Joker says, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.” Baseball players do deserve to make the most that they can for what they do.

I understand Atkins being a veteran and being well worth the investment, however, I feel like for a one year deal, he’s asking for a lot. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really do believe that Atkins is worth a lot of money, but $7.95 million? Atkins request was the third highest behind Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder. Recently, Jonathan Papelbon, someone I would consider one of the best closers in major leagues, settled for $6.25 million. I consider Garrett Atkins good, and there’s no question that I’m crazy about the man, but I can’t help but compare one of the best closers who strikes fear into the batters he faces to a third baseman that no one outside of Colorado has ever really heard of.

The Rockies have mentioned that there’s possibility for a multi year contract, in which case, yes, I would absolutely approve as long as they didn’t make the same mistake as they did signing Todd Helton to such a large deal where they couldn’t keep other players. To see Garrett Atkins in a Rockies uniform for years to come would be absolutely wonderful, because, well, I love him, oh, and he… ya know, brings talent.

I guess what it comes down to, is that what a player makes is really none of my business. I would hope that most athletes out there are honest (ha ha, I mean, look at how honest Barry Bonds is… (oh… that was a low blow, I’m mean)), but if Atkins believes that he deserves to make $7.95 million, I would like to believe that yes he does deserve it. I mean, trust me, if I had all the money in the world, I would give it to him in a heart beat. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the money in the world, and neither does the club. I guess it’s just my hope that in these economic times, players are understanding that only clubs like the Yankees… and… I guess… the Yankees are it, have enough money to give out a $200 million payroll. 

Inspiration comes from easy to find places

FIRST! Let me say, when I logged onto http://www.mlblogs.com, I practically peed my pants when I saw that I was the featured blog. I don’t really know who to thank for that, so thanks to insert name here. I would also like to say, that it is purely by coincidence that I chose to write this blog today and so I don’t want it to seem like when you’re at the Oscars… well, not at the Oscars, maybe some of you go to the Oscars, I don’t know, but watching them (for the rest of us), and people are like, “this is so unexpected” and then they pull out a thank you speech. Yeah, that’s not what this is. But I’m still really excited and all ridiculous giddy about making it to a featured blog. Tee hee. 

Anyway, onto the actual blog. Today, like many of you, I watched President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech. The man is an incredibly charismatic speaker, and inspired awe into our hearts. Throughout his speech he addressed many issues and talked about inspiring hope into people. This, I’m sure like many of you, got me thinking about my own life, and the thought of people inspiring people. It’s my belief that things, like blogs and opinions thrive through the people who make up the community that we choose to be in.

I always have believed that I’m very lucky to have chosen a place like MLBlogs to use as my community. As I said before, moving to Denver, I don’t know anyone, except my dad, and well… he’s not that much fun to hang out with sometimes. This has resulted in me turning to MLBlogs to discuss my life and to be… well, my community. It’s the people within here that have inspired me to share my opinion, to be apart of a discussion, and to inspire hope. When I talk to some of my friends, I tell them about my blogging community and the people who I find to be incredible. And like true friends, they tell me to get a life. Anyway, I noticed a frequency of names coming up when I talk about my blog, and it got me thinking about how much I actually feel apart of this community and the people who are in it and the people who inspire hope and just inspire me.

Julia is always one of the first to comment on my blogs. She always writes nice things and is eager to share her opinion, and she always does it with respect. She is an all around sports fan and will stick with her beliefs regardless of other people’s debating, but is still civil. While I always enjoy reading her blogs, I also enjoy getting comments from her; her opinion has become of value to me.

Don is one of the first people I met on MLBlogs. He’s probably the most ridiculous (in a good way) person I’ve met, next to me. He chooses to share his personal struggles with the world, including his fight against smoking. He’s so creative with rhyming titles (maybe he should be a poet) and the pictures he finds. I’m eager to see what the mobile blogging unit will capture during Spring Training.

Tom is probably one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He’s giving up everything to do something that he truly believes in, something that others don’t believe he’ll be capable of (but we know better). His writing is incredibly eloquent and those four years of journalism clearly paid off. His writing is practically the epitome of inspiration, as is his unique project: Baseball Across America.

Jane is someone who I recently met mostly through Tom’s article about me. I’m a really shy person and would rather sit in a corner than be the center of attention. Jane encouraged me to step outside the box and not be afraid to voice my own opinion on other’s thoughts. She’s obviously a stunning writer, I mean, she’s got a book coming out!!

Elizabeth is clearly a die-hard fan. Being in Miami and loving a team miles away from you definitely reflects fanhood. Being so young and already having a passion for writing and baseball will clearly take her far in life. Also, she clearly rocks because she likes Guitar Hero.

There are people who’s blogs I enjoy reading, but often don’t comment on, like Rays Renegade. One thing I love about this, is that he is very clearly not a bandwagon fan. I mean, let’s face it, the Rays used to be terrible, and clearly he stuck through with them to watch them move on to the World Series.

Jeff and Allen are number one in MLBlogs for a reason. They remind me of this line from the movie Juno where she’s talking to Paulie Bleeker and she’s like, “You’re so cool and you don’t even try.” I mean, I don’t actually know them, so I don’t know if they try or not, but they’re cool.

There are many others out there where I stop by and read, but were not necessarily mentioned. But a general thank you goes out to the MLBlogging community for loving baseball and writing.

I have to go job hunting again today (whoo hoo… only that was laced with sarcasm), but I wanted the world to know about the inspiration that surrounds us, that surrounds me. I’ll repeat myself once more in saying that I’m really lucky that I stumbled upon a community as good as this. So thank you all for being an inspiration to continue writing.  

Historically speaking

History. For me, it was that class that I never paid attention to. It was that period of time that was just… one big period of time. Also known as, what I considered, an extremely boring subject in school. Throughout a significant portion of my life, I never cared for history. There were certain parts that I did find interesting, but for the most part, it wasn’t something that seemed significant in my life. How naive I was.

Tonight I watched the Arizona Cardinals make history. A drought without a championship, 61970.gifArizona-Cardinals-Logo.gifyears, to be exact. They will go on to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Momentarily, while on this subject, my thoughts go out to Willis McGahee of the Ravens and his family. Should the Cardinals win the Super Bowl, not that I’m trying to jinx it for all those Arizona fans, but should they win, they’ll be apart of something great, they’ll be apart of history.

When you think about it, history is an incredible subject. The events that take place, how, in the blink of an eye, everything can change. I recently saw the movie Valkyrie. Although I wouldn’t recommend it because of Tom Cruise’s acting, the historical accuracy of the movie was very good. There were many things I didn’t like about the movie, like, how Hitler was the only one with a German accent. That was stupid. Anyway, not the point. The second attempt on Hitler’s life when Operation Walküre failed, obviously. The original place where Von Stauffenberg was set to release the bomb would have been an air tight building, no windows, and an explosion that probably would have killed Hitler. However, due to the heat of the day, the meeting that was supposed to take place had been moved to a different location. One with many windows, a location that was not ideal for this project.

The thing that I find fascinating about history are the events that could have happened. What if the day had been cooler and the meeting was to be held in the correct chamber? Would Hitler have died that day? If he would have, how would that impact our history? Simple things can change our very way of life, our hopes, our dreams. In my last post, I mentioned the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Herb Brooks had every intention of cutting Mike Eruzione, the captain. In the end, he didn’t and Eruzione made the game winning goal. What if Brooks had cut him? Would Al Michaels have been able to say, “Do you believe in Miracles?” Would we be in the same state we are now? Would we, as a country, have been let down by the failure of a team?

It’s history that impacts and transforms our very way of life. Everyday we make history whether we know it or not. It reminds me of the butterfly effect. Not that terrible movie, but the actual chaos theory itself: It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a
butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Amazing. How something so small and so insignificant could cause a devastating effect that could change history. 

I think about history today because tomorrow is Martin Luther King day and the day after that, a defining moment in history: out first, and hopefully not our last, black president. I’m reminded of some excerpts from the infamous “I have a dream” speech.

martin_luther_king.gif“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

“This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with.
With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a
stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the
jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of
brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray
together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for
freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.”

Yes, I did have to go look up those quotes, I don’t just have them stashed in my memory, lest we forget, I didn’t pay attention in history class. The big one that stood out for me was the second one, that people would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by who they are. In this country, we face so much prejudice, and not just towards other races; people who are over weight, people who are under weight, disabled, homeless, you name it. 

This nation is about to be part of something great, something that was unthinkable not too long ago. This nation, our nation, is about to make history. We have come so far. While strides are clearly being made to fight racism, I know that it is something that our country may never move past. And I know this being a minority in this country. I’m Korean, and I’ve lived in this country all but eleven weeks of my life, in fact, I’ve lived in this state all but eleven weeks of my life. I’m often asked the question if I’m Chinese. For me, it’s a hilarious question. The assumption that all Asian’s in this country are Chinese. The other question I get is if I’m from North or South Korea. Ah, the ignorance of people. I’ve concocted this story about being Kim Jong Il’s illegitimate child and how, in an effort to get rid of me, he catapulted me across 20 miles of landmines to the South. I know, I’m a terrible person, but come on. Someone had to be paying attention in history class, right?

Enough of me talking about being Asian, and if I crack an Asian joke, please don’t takeBarack Obama Capitol.jpgoffense, I don’t believe I’m racist if I’m making fun of myself. While I eagerly await this new president, I also admire him. Not for running for president, but for the courage to run this harsh country that he’s about to face. There are many in this country who are opposed to seeing someone who is not white running their country. While I don’t understand the logic behind it, I won’t argue with it, not now. This man is about to come into power in a time that could not be worse for our country. While some of you may not have been in agreement with me on the candidate that you were supporting, I hope that we can all make the best of these next four years. We’re in need of a leader and we’re in need of change, may he be the one to bring it.

Bittersweet moments and contenders

Today was both a blessing and a curse for me, a day that was bittersweet for different reasons. With great anticipation, I turned on the television to MLB Network, and what was playing? Game 4 of the 2007 NLCS. It was beautiful. Like a glorious moment shining down from the heavens. I was reminded of the spectacle and awe that was game 4 and the amazing feat that took place in Rocktober. Rocktober.jpgThrough the struggles that landed a clean sweep, the game itself was phenomenal; the only word to describe such an unthinkable streak. I was reminded about the wins, 20 of 21, the heart that went into it, the love of the game.

It was odd to find myself still yelling at the TV when the umpire called a strike and it was clearly a ball or when there was a chance that the Diamondbacks would catch up. I heard the commentators say that the Rockies were one inning away from a sweep, and in my mind I was yelling at them “don’t jinx it!!” Of course, what was I thinking? This had already happened. They couldn’t have possibly jinxed it, I’m just ridiculous.

The game came to the top of the ninth. Two outs, tying run at the plate, Eric Byrnes. Boos could probably have been heard from space when that guy stepped up. Byrnes made contact with the ball, sending it between short and third. Carroll missed it, but Tulo was on it, and then the throw. I could feel myself stop breathing, my heart racing, pupils dialated, a moment where time slows down and my eyes were glued to the television, and then…


The feeling is unmistakeable. The unbelievable, implausible, inconceivable thing had happened. The Rockies were moving on to the World Series. At the time, who they would play was not yet known, but for the first time, this team was moving on. I can still feel the chills that ran up and down my spine. The Rockies had won it, and it was as if it happened all over again. The disappointment on the Diamondbacks’ faces that Eric Byrnes hadn’t done a damn thing for them, while on the other side, the celebration had only begun. Sorry Arizona, but this was our time. This was our game, this was our series. Rockpile.jpgTodd and Tulo.jpg
The celebration and the euphoria on their faces when they knew. Todd Helton’s catch. God, it was glorious. It was unthinkable. A team that no one had ever heard of or had made no strides in baseball was going to the World Series. No one deserved it moreHurdle.jpg than these guys, and I don’t just say that because of my love for this team. The passion, the determination, the heart that went into this series was unmatchable by any team. And the celebration that ensued afterwards was well justified.

It reminded me of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. I do have a thing for hockey, and I loved the movie Miracle. I bought a documentary about the actual events, that’s how much I loved that game. Although a rivalry exists between the 08_working_together_image010.jpgDiamondbacks and the Rockies, the win was like that of the USA hockey team over USSR. Although I wouldn’t compare the Diamondbacks to the USSR, the win for the US was like the win for the Rockies. The pure and utter ecstasy that ensued afterward. The triumph that told them, they were better.

Yes, this day was bittersweet for me for different reasons. It reminded me of how much withdrawal I’m going through without baseball. How much I actually need this game in my life and how much I truly love it. The feeling of winning, the time, the practice that every player puts in to prove that they deserve to be there. I miss this game so much. How I’m surviving I have no idea. The second reason that this day was a blessing and a curse was it reminded me of how bad 2008 was for the Rockies. Falling from contenders in the World Series to third in the NL West.

After the 2007 World Series, some people who did not follow the NLCS or the Rockies story did not believe that they deserved to be there.
To take on the Boston Red Sox. First, those people are wrong. But second, I believe that the Rockies will prove to you this season that they are worthy to be there, that they were worthy to be there, and that they deserve to be called World Series champions. So, for 2009, get ready to be rocked. Ha ha, that last sentence was corny.   

You’ve been rejected by MLBlogs. Burn.

Thanks to Jane over at Confessions of a She-Fan and Tom at Rocky Mountain Way, I’ve decided to take a little more “risk” to get my name out there and see what I can do to make an impact in the blogging community. However, I’ve found that I’m having increased trouble in my attempts to do so. On my sidebar, I have blogs that I like to read, some of which have not appeared up there yet (Jane, I don’t know why yours isn’t up there yet, since I added it like two days ago). Anyway, there have been many places where I’ve wanted to comment on blogs, and yet, I find a message that says “You do not have permission to comment on this blog.” Hmm… why is that? There can be like 30 comments on it and yet, I do not have permission to do so.

I noticed recently that the MLBlogosphere has started up a school or a tutorial in blogging. I was really excited by this. I was on my school newspaper in high school, and while I entered college as a journalism major, I had decided that it was not for me. But I did want to thank him because he reminded me of the many lessons that I had learned throughout that time and had disregarded at this point, but I couldn’t because there was a lack of permission. When I write, I write like I talk, and so, well, ya know, it doesn’t exactly have the flow that many people would expect. Not only that, but for the most part, I don’t ever erase anything unless there’s a typo or something completely incompetent comes out, often lots of incompetent things come out, they’re just not completely incompetent. It doesn’t help that I let my mind wander and have ADD distractions and get off on another tangent that really has nothing to do with what I’m saying in the first place. Anyway,chemistry_rejected_2.jpg not being able to comment on a blog makes me feel like one of those people from the not e-harmony commercials. I don’t remember what the actual site thing is, but it’s like you get a big red REJECTED from whatever blog you’re trying to comment on. I mean, maybe it’s not like I have important things to say, but, ya know, I do have something to say. I use the words “ya know” a lot. That probably wouldn’t fly in the blogging school… It’s not like I’m hurt or anything, but it would be nice to know that I can comment on blogs if I really like reading something. Or who knows? Maybe I will actually have something valuable to say at some point. It’s more just on the principle that should I be struck with brilliance, I have a chance to tell someone else. And I understand that there are some blogs that don’t want comments because perhaps they’re personal, or perhaps they’re like, stranger-danger (I don’t really know if that needed to be hyphened, but I did it anyway), or for whatever reason. That’s not something I’m opposed to. People often have thoughts that they don’t want people to give their opinion about.

Anyway, I have to cut this blog short because it took a lot longer writing it than I thought and I have to go to a job interview (yay!), but let’s hope I won’t get the same message that e-harmony gives out to some of their hopeful clientele.