December 2008

Baseball, hurry up and get here!

I managed to survive the holidays, Scrooge spirited and all. Well, I wouldn’t call myself a Scrooge, but the holidays didn’t seem to be anything special this year. We’ll see what happens a year from now.

I need to start the main focus of my blog out with a disclaimer. That disclaimer being: the title of my blog has absolutely nothing to do with my entry. I just like talking about baseball and am ready for the season to start so maybe I have more to blog about. The second part of the disclaimer is that I hate the Yankees. It’s not just because I’m a Red Sox fan, far from it. I think rivalries are great, it’s what brings up the competition and makes you want the win that much more. I mention the Red Sox fan thing because my dad had bought me a couple Rockies things for Christmas that weren’t my size, so I had to exchange them, and I’m trying to get more into the habit of using those like… cloth bag things, anyway, my bag was a Red Sox bag and the cashier was like, “You’re putting Rockies stuff into your Red Sox bag?!” Anyway, as if I didn’t know it already, people still seem to hate those Red Sox. I can’t blame them, but it’s my honest belief that the Rockiesa-rod.jpg were just out played. They didn’t get to show everything that they’d learned and achieved throughout the season when it came to the World Series, which was a big disappointment to everyone. Anyway, back to the disclaimer, I have a very poor attitude toward the Yankees. I think their payroll is too high, they have some incredibly @$$ hole-esque players, and have terrible fans. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox also have a high pay roll, I’ve noticed Troy Tulowitzki can have… well… a bit of a temper, and we have some bad fans. I’ll be honest when I say that I take the Ted Williams attitude route when it comes to the relationship between a fan and a player, and the attitude that should be given, etc. The point of this disclaimer is to warn anyone who really likes the Yankess that I don’t. And by the way, yes, that is a picture of Alex Rodriguez wiping his face with a $100 bill, it’s important for later, so make a mental note of it. Also, laugh a little bit. I just got out of college and have acquired a lot of student debt, and have to move back in with my dad so I don’t have to pay rent, and here A-Rod is wiping his face with a $100 bill. Being poor in these crappy economic times, totally sucks… but not for someone rich like A-Rod. Okay, that was a terrible disclaimer, sorry, I talked about how much I hated the Yankees in my disclaimer rather than making it a warning about how I’m going to talk about how I hate the Yankees in my blog. Oops. 

The Yankees recently signed Mark Teixeira to an eight year $180 million dollar contract. First of all, wow, that’s a lot of money. Teixeira’s contract will go down as the fourth richest contract in major league history!! And who comes in front of him? A-Rod was signed to a ten year $275 million contract with the Yankees; his being the richest in the majors. Before that, it was A-Rod derek_jeter.jpgyet again with a ten year $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers (at the time, being the largest in history and worth $63 million more than the guy who came in at number two) (this is also the part where the mental note of that picture comes into play). Thd third richest contract comes from Derek Jeter, ten years at $189 million. The next name in that list would be Mark Teixeira, followed by CC Sabathia at an eight year $161 million contract. Are you noticing some kind of a pattern here? I’d also like to point out, that when I tried to go to the Yankees website, my browser (Firefox) gave me this page. Really, I just thought it was hilarious. Anyway, so the Yankees will continue to have the highest payroll in the majors, coming in at like… $200 million or something. I almost feel like this begs the question: is this ruining baseball? Hmm… that question wasn’t phrased right, but I’ll leave it in. How can other teams compete with a team that can offer their players $275 million dollars?! The highest payed player on the Rockies, Todd Helton, has a contract that’s worth $141.5 million. How can clubs be expected to put in any kind of competition when teams like the Yankees can come in and crap all over everything? The Yankees, as much as I hate to admit it, are a team with incredible talent. Derek Jeter is one of the best short stops, Alex Rodriguez… hmm… well,Mariano Rivera.jpg he’s good too, Mariano Rivera is one of the best closers (I’d argue that I like Jonathan Papelbon better, but that’s the Red Sox fan in me coming out), Jorge Posada is a damn good catcher, and outfielders and big hitters like Johnny Damon (hmm… I would like to call him a traitor, but will only admit to wanting to call him that and not actually doing it) can put up the runs. The team is full of talent, why shouldn’t they get some of the best players? Everyone likes to win, but it’s that much more difficult when it comes to trying to get anywhere in the game. The Rockies were able to increase their payroll after making it to the NLCS and winning. Do the Yankees have that much money? They did just cut some big names like Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina, and may others which saved them some… $90.22 million. But I mean, in these economic times, how can you afford to offer your players contracts worth $275 million? How can you afford such big names?! Perhaps I’m being unfair. Similar to last year, the Yankees had a payroll that was $200 million and it landed them the lovely spot of third in the AL East. Am I being unfair? Is my hatred of the Yankees clouding my judgment? Would I feel the same way if the Rockies had a payroll that was that big? I’m not sure. I realize that this is sort of a circular argument and that I’m not going to get anywhere trying to argue why I hate the Yankees and then try and justify it with the (currently) hypothetical questions about the Rockies. I just have issues dealing with the Yankees.

So, on with other things. With other teams going after Tim Redding, the Rockies seem to haveJason Marquis.jpg set their sites on Cubs pitcher Jason Marquis. He’s shown great strength at Coors Field producing an ERA of 2.15 when he played here. Although Redding expressed interest in Colorado, Marquis may prove to be the greater strength in the hitters utopia known as Coors Field.  We’ll see what the Rockies can go after. Some of our other prospects such as Juan Morillo and Franklin Morales (at least I think it’s him) have been doing quite well in the leagues that they’re playing for. Which reminds me that I really haven’t heard much about Manny Corpas or Huston Street. I wonder what’s going on with them and how they’re doing. But, a few blogs earlier, I wrote a “letter” to Tim Redding that said something along the lines of “if you were to come to Colorado, I would approve.” Well, the same goes for Jason Marquis, although his ERA at Coors Field only constitutes a few games, perhaps when it comes to full time pitching at altitude, it may turn out more difficult, perhaps I’m over estimating his potential.

Speaking of over estimating potential, I’m finding myself quite disappointed with the playing ofRyan Spilborghs.jpg one of my favorite players, Ryan Spilborghs. He’s playing down in the Mexican Pacific League. I was so sure that Spilborghs was going to prove himself to deserve the role of full time center fielder. I wrote throughout entries about his batting average, how much better he is than Willy Taveras, how he’s capable at bat. Well, in the league that he’s currently playing in, he’s gone 8-44. That’s really not that impressive, actually. However, I believe that deep down, I know that he’s better than this. That his current playing does not reflect his playing in the majors. He’s talented and good at what he does, otherwise how would he have gotten here? My hope is that the pressure of potentially playing center field full time isn’t getting to him. He’s better than an 8-44 record and once Spring Training rolls around, I hope he’ll prove it. After working so hard, it would be a large disappointment to see the position go to Seth Smith or Dexter Fowler; both of whom are excellent players, but are also young and have a lot to learn. Of course, I heard that Seth Smith was supposed to possibly be playing left field. I can’t remember now. Either way, Spilborghs can bounce back and prove that he’s worthy of a full time position.

The Holidays

As of December 23rd, 2008, I have yet to do any Christmas shopping. Tonight I found myself christmas_lights.pnglying in my bed with the realization that Christmas Eve is tomorrow. It seems to have snuck up on me this year, maybe it does most years and I just don’t remember. However, my thought is this: is it just me or does it just not seem like the holiday season? I notice Christmas lights everywhere, practically dying by the enraged Colorado drivers rushing to get to the mall, and that those creepy Santa Clauses with the clearly fake beards (I just don’t see how kids don’t see through it)l; but there’s something here that’s lacking for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m just not in the “Christmas spirit.” It’s suddenly like this whole concept of Christmas is completely foreign to me.

I was born December 16th, and usually my relatives and friends just kind of mesh everything together, Menorah1.jpgChristmas and birthday. After graduating, my birthday just kind of got lost in the chaos. As the years go by, I’ve noticed Christmas decorations being displayed before Halloween. I think a few years ago, I thought I should celebrate Hanukkah, that obviously didn’t happen because it started yesterday and I have yet to buy any one or receive a gift. Of course, it would have probably helped had I told people I was choosing to celebrate Hanukkah. I guess I don’t have a menorah either. Hmm… I didn’t prepare for either holiday very well. I guess, is it so wrong to feel so apathetic toward something that everybody makes a big deal of? My family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas, and I can’t really think of anything (an internship with the Rockies would be nice, but I don’t think that’s very reasonable to ask from them).

I think part of the reason I feel so lethargic is that the holidays just never became the same after my parents divorced. The first time I visited home from college, I found out my parents were getting divorced (nice welcome home), but I was old enough to understand that things were going to dramatically change. I’m not sure this apathy stems from that though, maybe slightly. I can tell you that I have low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Maybe part of me wants to see everyone else as miserable as I am. Hopefully that’s not entirely true and I actually want to see people happy. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

It may be that the holidays are supposed to be a time for giving, for loving, and for valuing each other. Not necessarily those exclusively in your family, but to those all around. Living in such a mass consuming society, we often forget those values around the holiday season and find parents scrambling to get their kids Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Or that people are so engulfed in their own needs, that they over look anyone else. I went out to the mall in Loveland today to meet some friends for lunch, and I almost died trying to cross the street!!

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like any one else is really in the holiday mood. I could blame the economic crisis (the reason the Rockies aren’t accepting interns), but for the most part, that doesn’t seem to be making a whole lot of difference. Maybe I’m depressed. I use the term depressed loosely. By today’s standards, depressed and clinically depressed have become interchangeable, even though they really shouldn’t be.

I think I miss my friends. Now that the university is on it’s winter break, I’m not seeing my friends anymore or even as much. They’re all working, busy having to try and make money during this stupid time. I have yet to go out and search for a job since I’ll be moving to Denver pretty soon anyway. I guess I don’t entirely know what it is. This was just something I needed to get off my chest.

A plea for bloggers everywhere

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been pretty busy with graduation and my birthday and other types of shenanigans. That’s beside the point though. People can often find me scanning the Colorado Rockies homepage. It is my homepage and I definitely am on there often. I thought that I had this great plan of what my future was going to look like. I was going to move down to Denver, apply for an internship with the Rockies, and then hopefully get some good relations from that and then be able to get into a position with sports psychology. That was the plan. It has now changed. The Rockies regret to inform me that they will not be accepting internship applications for the 2009 season. AHH!! What?!?! This puts a damper on my entire plan, in fact, it pretty much ruins it. So now, I’m not quite sure what to do. I’ve had many contacts with people about everything I can do: minor league teams go through the major league affiliate (the Rockies have a sports psychologist who has been on staff for nine years and they’re not looking to replace him and he works with the minor leagues too), I’ve talked to Tom Probst (the medical director), I’ve read Harvey Dorfman’s books, Zack Hample‘s Watching Baseball Smarter, and have e-mailed a plethora of others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the epiphany of a sports psychologist until my last semester at school. To think that for four and a half years I could have been promoting this career that I would love to get into, and it took me four of those years to figure it out. I’m not complaining, just frustrated with myself. Did you ever feel like you were destined for something? Like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams were destined to be greater hitters, or that Troy Tulowitzki was destined to be a short stop, or Greg Maddux was meant to be a pitcher. There are certain people who are destined for greatness, I believe that I’m destined to help people achieve that greatness.

So here’s a plea to anyone who reads my blog, anyone who has anything. The business that I’m trying to get into is purely relational. I’m looking for contacts with any team, I’m looking for anything. I don’t expect to just jump in and be in the majors, I’m good with minor leagues, I’m good with anything. I will work and do whatever it takes to get into this business. So, there’s my plea for the blogging world. I’d greatly appreciate anything.

Here’s some stuff

If I were to write a letter to one of Colorado’s most longed after prospects, it would go Tim Redding.jpgsomething like this:

Dear Tim Redding,
If you were to come to Colorado, I would approve.
Love, Emily

With Redding’s agent Tom O’Connell saying that Redding is expressing interest in Colorado, maybe we can add some pitching talent. Although it’s not the way that the Rockies desired, with Taveras out of the way, we could put Ryan Spilborghs into center. Anyway, with our pitching rotation consisting of Aaron Cook, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jeff Francis, Redding would be a welcome addition. While each pitcher is incredibly talented, they all have their weak points as well: Cook has injuries, Jimenez can lose control, and Francis needs to learn how to command the field. Redding’s six years of experience behind him will help out when it comes to pitching. Not only that, but with all the possible prospects: Greg Smith, Franklin Morales, and Jason Hirsh, it will demand everyone to step up their game.

One of the things that is on my mind is Manny Ramirez. I was watching Around The Horn,

Manny Ramirez.jpg

definitely one of my favorite shows, and they were talking about how no one has stepped up to the plate (yeah, baseball pun) on grabbing for ManRam’s contract. Although the Dodger’s had expressed interest, they revoked their offer to him. In his fifteen years of experience, he’s come out with 527 home runs. In my personal opinion, I can’t help but think that there’s not too much of a surprise that no one is leaping at the opportunity to sign him to a contract. I can certainly tell you right now, that the Red Sox fan in me doesn’t much care for him. In fact, I think that if it hadn’t been for David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez would have been the DH. There was this one incident in 2004 that always makes me laugh: it was during the ALCS, but I can’t remember exactly what happened,Manny Ramirez02.jpg there was a long ball that I think Johnny Damon ended up getting, and he went to throw it to short (I think short) and Ramirez made this diving catch to cut it off. It was kind of like, “what are you doing?!” Then after that, Manny Ramirez caught a high fly ball and then ran up and high-fived someone in the crowd. It’s kind of hilarious, actually. Anyway, his attitude has never impressed me, and so, I can’t blame people for not taking up his contract. I don’t, repeat do not think that he is a bad player. He’s incredibly talented, in fact. But, his agent is Scott Boras (yet again, I must mention his name) and that means that they’re looking for the bucks. Anyway, I’m sure that someone will pick up Manny. He’s expressed that he doesn’t want to retire until he’s hit at least 700 home runs. He gives fans what they want, and I guess, as long as he has a good time doing it, that’s what matters. Does that sound contradictory to what I’ve been saying? I don’t know. I guess my thoughts are that the guy just made $20 million this past season, so if it’s money he’s looking for, he should… well, knock it off.

The last thing that I would like to say is that I’m about to graduate. I feel as though I should be more excited for it. Not excited that I have to be there at 8:15 in the morning (it’s called sleep graduation_caps_throwing_hg_clr.gifpeople), but at least have some kind of nerves or be slightly emotional. Anything. I’m on Facebook, something that has potential to be a cult, and I wrote in my status that I was more relieved to see Garrett Atkins’ name remain on the roster than to be finished with school. Hmm… obsesso much? But I feel like I should be exhilarated, anxious, something. I’m about to go out into a terrible job market and hope that my letters of recommendation get me a job (preferably one with the Rockies, but… hmm…. we’ll see). Shouldn’t there be something about me that’s scared? Or should something have been like… a punch in the face telling me that this is real? I have some kind of head chest cold weird thing, and I should probably go to the doctor before my insurance runs out. Should I have taken this as a sign?  I don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m graduating. Maybe it’ll take the ceremony in and of itself for me to be like, “oh crap, now I’m graduating and have to go get a job.” I don’t know. But I guess we’ll see after tomorrow’s ceremony… tomorrow’s two-hour, horribly boring, 8:15 in the morning ceremony. Looking forward to it.

Some baseball and some life

The Rockies have recently acquired Alan Embree. It’s kind of exciting, because I watched him Alan Embree.jpgwith the Red Sox in 2004, and it was neat. I’m also excited because he kind of looks like a chipmunk, which is funny and exciting. Hopefully he’s a lefty that we’ve been looking for. I don’t know what his stats look like from the A’s, but I hope that he’ll perform well with us. Last I heard, the Rockies were close to signing Glendon Rusch to a one year deal and are still waiting to hear from the lefty. If he doesn’t come back, well, I wouldn’t necessarily count it as a loss. As I stated before, I haven’t kept track of Embree since he left the Red Sox, so maybe he’ll come in and won’t impress me very much. We’ll just have to see how he does once Spring Training roles around.

The Rockies have many things going for them though, pitching wise. Franklin Morales and Ubaldo Jimenez are among the top openers for this upcoming season. Jimenez has been clocked at over 100 mph on some fastballs. And we’ve got Embree, Ryan Speier, Luis Vizcaino, and Taylor Buchholz, all of whom seemed incredibly capable last season. Speier, Ryan Spilborghs13.jpgwhen he was called up, performed great, and the only time that I really got mad at Buccholz was that balk that walked a guy home and won the game. That was kind of a big deal, but it was a dumb mistake, and hopefully it won’t happen again. The Rockies are also unsure about whether or not they’ll release Willy Taveras into free agency. As far as I’m concerned, whatever happens with that will happen. I know the Rockies are looking at moving Ryan Spilborghs into a full time center field. After the trade with Holliday, my original thought was that they would put Spilborghs in left field, this was because Spilly had been playing left more frequently. Seth Smith is now a possible prospect for this position, which is okay as well. He was often called in as a pinch hitter and performed pretty well. He has big shoes to fill, though.

So, enough with the deconstructing thoughts on baseball. In recent news, come Saturday, I’ll be a college graduate. Hurray! Now, I get to go into a crappy economy and find a job in a market where no one is hiring. I’m so excited for that… only not really. I also had a guitar lesson today, which was awesome. I’ve been playing guitar for almost three years, but I’m entirely self taught, so really, I suck; but my teacher disagrees. He specializes in blue grass, and he told me that I have the capabilities to start playing the harmonica with my guitar, which is apparently really hard for some people and he doesn’t really recommend it to most of his students. That was weird because the harmonica always seemed like such an old person instrument, but I’m actually excited and am considering purchasing one. My teacher also thought that I was good enough to go to an open mic and perform there. That’s a stretch because I’m all freakishly shy until you get to know me. But I was really flattered by the comment, and would actually maybe like to do it some day.

Also, I’ve been watching South Park while writing this blog, and it was the World of War CraftSouth Park.jpgone, and it made me laugh. And now I’m watching one about pan flute bands. It is also funny.I guess that’s all.

Say what?!?!

No, no, no, no, no. The Rockies cannot I repeat, cannot, get rid of Garrett Atkins. The idea that they’re re-thinking it is completely ridiculous. They’re about to close a one year deal Garrett Atkins07.jpgwith Glendon Rusch, for what? Some mediocre pitching and a lack of real talent? As I’ve stated before, I understand this need for pitching, but pitching isn’t going to get you everywhere if you don’t have the hitting talent to back it up. You get rid of Atkins, you’ve gotten rid of two of our BIGGEST sluggers. The idea is absolutely ludicrous that getting rid of Atkins is even a prospect. Now, the Rockies have said that they are going to need a killer deal in order to get rid of Atkins, so if he goes, I’m going to expect the Rockies to win a World Series this upcoming season. Yeah, so, no pressure.

Here are our next biggest sluggers: Brad Hawpe, Chris Iannetta, and Jeff Baker. Brad Hawpe Brad Hawpe.jpgand Chris Iannetta have multi-year deals with the Rockies. Jeff Baker was someone who I would have put up for trading value, but whatever. Hawpe tied Matt Holliday this season in home runs with twenty-five. The next closest (if you exclude Atkins) is Iannetta with eighteen and Baker with twelve. I’ve also highlighted this point before, but Todd Helton’s health is in question. He could get out on the field and realize, “oh crap, I’m not totally healthy.” What then? You can draft up the minor leagues, but they’re not going to put up the runs that a big slugger can. Man, for once, I thought that someone might be listening to me. What was I thinking?!

I just want to reiterate the point, that it is a huge mistake to get rid of Atkins. So Minnesota Twins, the only thing I have to say is shoo-shoo with your offer, because the Rockies (I hope) aren’t interested.

A rant.

After long debating and not being able to resist the call of my computer, I have opted to blog rather than to study for my final… that is tomorrow… at 8 am. And if you knew anything about me, you would know that I am definitely not a morning person. But, instead of thinking about people’s personality (I’m a psych major), I find myself thinking about the Winter Meetings. How could I not? It’s only going to assist in deciding the future of the club that I so freakishly obsess over. So, let me begin by… complaining. Doing probably what I do best when it comes to my thinking about what the team is doing.

Glendon Rusch. Really? You really want to resign that guy? He’s not that impressive. With an Rusch.jpgERA of 4.78 last season, he’s really nothing special. I understand this need for lefties, really Ido. But you don’t want to find your lefty in Rusch. Especially not for a starting role! The Rockies can just do so much better. And if you’re asking yourself “how can they do better?” I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve seen Glendon Rusch play, and while he can pull off a win, it’s like an anomaly. Okay, maybe I’m stretching the truth slightly. Pitching takes talent, and while the Rockies aren’t a big club that can go after big names, they can certainly get somebody better than Glendon Rusch. There are a lot of free agents out there, the Rockies have to be able to afford at least one of them. Come on.

THuston Street07.jpghe next thing is trading Huston Street. It’s like this is “make all the decisions that can ruin Emily’s life” day. Did anyone payattention last season? Did anyone see how Manny Corpas performed? If not, I can answer that question: not well. In fact, he lost the closing role because he performed so poorly. We have
some good relievers: Ryan Speier, Jason Grilli, Luis Vizcaino, and Taylor Buccholz (who is ridiculous awesome). Granted, of those, no one is a lefty. Not the point. Since Brian Fuentes has given the “thanks but no thanks” shenanigans to the Rockies arbitration offer, they now definitely need a closer more than ever. And if you recall, Corpas
was not anything to brag ph_466918.jpgabout. So unless a deal comes along that pretty much says, “if you refuse this deal, you’re clearly an incompetent idiot if you don’t trade Street” comes along, there needs to be someone there competing for that role. Now, who knows? Maybe
Corpas will astound us all and play the way he did during the 2007 post season. That’s how everyone expected him to operate this year, and that’s why everyone’s expectations were let down. Okay, so I’m a jerk, and I’m probably wailing on Corpas far more than he deserves. But really, even Greg Maddux had some unpredictable set backs throughout his career, and I’m just making it a point to be prepared. And, it could go the same way for Street, maybe he’ll just end up screwing us all over and I’ll have to go back and say how sorry I am for being all mean and not having any kind of faith in Corpas.

The next thing, I won’t go into too much detail about because I’ve been incredibly repetitive with my thoughts. It is time to get rid of Willy Taveras. If a team is interested, send him off. TRyan Spilborghs15.jpghe guy is good, but giving Ryan Spilborghs a starting role will be very beneficial to the team. I really haven’t talked very much about the complete amazingness that Ryan Spilborghs is. So, let me just go off that for a little while. He’s not a big slugger, and his injuries last year set him back. However, he still finished the season off with a .313 average. And yes, I can picture my friends who think that I need an intervention reading this and thinking “she’s just saying that because she’s completely in love with the guy.” No, that’s not true… well… not entirely true… Ryan Spilborghs has amazing potential. He performed phenomenally when he was coming off the DL and playing for the Sky Sox.

So after all my complaining, I have a thank you to make. Thank you to whoever got that Garrett Atkins15.jpgpicture that Garrett Atkins should NOT be traded. Man, what did I have to do to get people to realize that we needed to keep our slugger? Why was there even talks about him being traded in the first place? Why did that have to happen?!?! People having to scare me about trading Garrett Atkins. Man. But, now that talks of him staying seem to be rising, I don’t have to worry as much… as much, being the key word… s. Words. Although Jeff Blank has gotten the ball rolling about keeping Atkins in Colorado, there is still no guarantee of that. So, hopefully a multi-year contract will be well on it’s way, and I can rest in peace that my other favorite player (Spilborghs being the first) will stay in Colorado for some time to come. 

A little devotion

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly, by no means, claim to be a Dodgers fan. In fact, I could care less about the team as a whole, and I certainly don’t claim to know anything about them.

But there is one man, who plays for the Dodgers who I must devote a blog to in commemoration of his legacy. Now, he hasn’t always played for the Dodgers, butGreg Maddux.jpg
honestly, I’ve never kept up with the Cubs or the Braves or the Padres. So, when I try to write something to pay homage to Greg Maddux, know that it’s just out of respect for his legacy and not because I’ve followed his career actively. I know he’s been in the business for twenty-two years and has come out of that with pitching over 5,000 innings and a career 3.16 ERA. He helped to bring the team that he plays for to the post season thirteen times and, although his stats have not necessarily been great throughout them all. The man is forty-two years old and he helped to bring his team to the National League Championship Series. After twenty-three seasons and eighteen (or something) gold gloves, Maddux  believes it’s his time to retire. And although I haven’t been a fan, and certainly don’t claim to be, I respect the legacy that Maddux has accomplished and wish him nothing but the best in his future. The man has my complete respect, and I hope that all baseball careers can last as long and be performed as well as his.

Jeff Blank… if you’re reading this…

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t really expect people to read my blog. In fact, when I get comments, I pretty much freak out with excitement. With the news that I’ve just read, I’d think that someone was reading my blog, like someone who can make executive decisions. I wish, but still, I’m totally stoked!

I’ve recently read an article about, guess who? Garrett Atkins. Surprise, surprise, considering I’m always blogging about the greatness that he is, or at least I think he is. So what am I so Garrett Atkins10.jpgexcited about? Atkins is open to a multi-year deal. After losing one our biggest hitters, it’d be awise and smart decision to keep one, right? Right. Garrett Atkins is one of our big hitters. He’s capable, great at what he does, and is all around amazing. I’ve thrown stats out before, so I won’t do it again. Even though Atkins hasn’t agreed to any kind of deal, the point is, he’s open to the option. He wants to stay in Colorado, and the fact that his agent is 1. the guy who started it, and 2. NOT Scott Boras, tells me that there’s hope. His agent is the one who opened up the idea, and although talks have not actually been in the works, it’s a way to get the ball rolling. So, maybe some how, through my hoping type vibes, Garrett Atkins agent, Jeff Blank has heard them and is like, “hmm… I should start up some talks about keeping Garrett in Colorado.”

So no, no talks are in the works. But now that the ball is rolling, hopefully I’ll see Garrett Atkins here for much longer than I had hoped.

What Happens in Vegas…

As December falls upon us, the holiday spirit is on the mind of most
people. Buying all those lights to put over your house that make it
look like a perfect row of icicles. Or those giant inflatable snow
globes they have with Santa flying around the world. Or digging out the
menorah and placing it in the window for everyone to see. Yes, the
holiday’s are upon our minds. Not mine, however.

The one thing that is usually always on my mind: baseball. That’s
right, I’m skipping out working on a paper that I desperately need to
write to graduate in order to blog. Man, I need a life. As December
looms over us the only thing that’s on my mind are the Winter Meetings.

The Rockies are looking for a left handed relief pitcher,

and they’re hoping to find one while

hanging out in fabulous Las Vegas. While GM’s from all over will be staying in the

beautiful Bellagio, I’ll be sitting in finals and worrying who they’re
going to trade. The Rockies have shown interest in many left handers
and may be willing to pay up should the right one come along. There are
many players that the Rockies are considering offering in such a deal.
These players include center fielder Willy Taveras, catcher Yorvit
Torrealba, relief pitcher Huston Street, and third baseman Garrett
Atkins (noooo!!).

Willy Taveras is a good player to offer. In the entire major league
this season, he had the most stolen bases with sixty-eight. No one was
even closer to him. The man was practically Willy Taveras.JPGinvincible when it came to
stolen bases. Not only that, but baseball is very much a mental game,
and having a runner like Taveras on base makes any pitcher nervous and
puts thedefense on edge. His speed is practically unmatchable and, if I
recall correctly, was successful almost 92% of the times he attempted.
When looked at it from this aspect, anyone would want Taveras. However,
there’s a catch, and that is probably what would be holding a team up
for wanting him. As I’ve said before, everyone’s stats went down this
season, but Taveras’ seemed to take a hard hit. As the lead off man, his job was this: get on base. Not only that, but he had to be able to work the count as well. Neither of these, Taveras seemed to be very good at. His OBP dropped to the lowest it’s been in his entire career. So what can Taveras do? Bunt. He’s got enough speed that he can make it to the base while the pitcher, catcher, or third baseman are trying to make it to the ball. He’s got that going for him. However, this creates yet another problem. Taveras is very predictable. He’s not a major league hitter, over his career he’s had seven homers. Most people know that he’s going to bunt because his batting isn’t anything impressive. But Taveras can often make this up with speed. In fact, I tried to find a picture of this but couldn’t, Barmes and Taveras are running home and Barmes slides in and Taveras is right in after him. He caught up to Barmes and (assuming this is right in my memory) had to run 90 feet more than Barmes. His speed cannot be matched, and he can score that extra run.

Yorvit Torrealba could be a good trade as well. Torrealba’s stats are nothing too impressiveChris Iannetta.jpg
either. In fact, we have a great catcher, his name is Chris Iannetta. Now, I know that no catcher ever plays all 162 games. That would be ridiculous and they wouldn’t last very long at all. Iannetta is a great player though. He was came in third for home runs this season behind two of our best: Brad Hawpe and Garrett Atkins. Also, and I may be wrong about this one, he didn’t make a single error this past season. So I’ve been bragging about Iannetta a lot, which doesn’t appear to have a whole lot to do with Torrealba. And, well, not only did Torrealba’s stats suffer this past season because everyone’s did, but he was also on the DL for… something. Something with his knee,
Yorvit Torrealba.jpg
right? A tendon? I can’t quite remember. While
Torrealba was gone, Iannetta got to prove what a phenomenal player he was. But, Torrealba’s healthy now, so now he does have trading value. He was the one who played in the post season of the NLCS in 2007, he’s not a bad player. His trading value is high and we have someone who can easily come in and take his spot. And, sorry to say, someone who (in my opinion) is better than Torrealba. He’s younger, and is already putting up some great stats, so from here, Iannetta will hopefully move up.

Everyone’s also looking for a reliever. Huston Street’s has put up good numbers, and I would have no problem with seeing him stay on the team. I’ve given you my reasons before, theHuston Street.jpg
biggest one being that I just don’t like Manny Corpas. Unfortunately though, with everyone searching for a reliever, the Rockies, I’m sure, will be willing to give him up. He is a good player and a right handed one. So, the Rockies, my guess, would be more likely to get rid of him because they’re in need of left handers, not right. We’ll see what happens with Street. I wouldn’t be completely crushed if he left, but if I got to, I would vote for him staying with the Rockies club. But, what needs to be done needs to be done. The only lefties we really have right now are openers: Jorge De La Rosa, Jeff Francis, and Greg Smith. And please, please, I’ll beg the club not to resign Glendon Rusch. He doesn’t do anything. In fact, I feel very much towards Rusch the way I feel towards Corpas. Hmm…

The last thing to bring up is Mr. Garrett Atkins. Now, I won’t go into the lecture on how I Garrett Atkins.jpg
believe that we need to keep him and how I believe he’s vital to the team. Mostly, I just wanted to put his picture in my blog and talk about how great I think he is. Because he is. Granted, he’s a more seasoned player compared to his young competition, Ian Stewart. But he has great moments, and man, well, I just am pretty crazy about the guy. I really do hope that he stays with the Rockies, not just because I’m crazy about him, because he’s a leader, a great player, and reflects, with heart, what a privilege it is to play this awesome game.